I Love Transforming Old To New

I love Thrift Stores! They have an amazing array of items people grow tired of and just release. It is like being a child on a treasure hunt, finding the right item who has a little life left and transforming it to new! This is one of my finds. A picture set of pale yellow roses with Gold frames.


Next, I take apart the frame ,  remove the glass carefully and set aside, if the picture and mat or drawing are connected, do not separate.  Pick your choice of color in spray paint, I chose a dark sable brown, and a light beach blue. Spray paint the frames , by laying on cardboard outside (fumes can be strong), apply first coat , allow for dry time, then spray second coat. Allow to dry 24 hours inside garage or laundry room. Trust me, turns out better.


The next step is deciding if you like the mat or do you want to change the color of the mat? I chose to change mine to light beach blue to coordinate my colors. I also chose to spray paint the mat white first using a stencil design. I cut out a paper grocery bag 5×7 and covered my rose picture. Then I spray painted the white/stencil design. Allowed for dry time. Second light blue spray paint , I sprayed over mat once and let dry.  I cleaned the glass with vinegar and Windex.


Then I put it all back together for the new transformed look. I googled the name of the artist on the prints and found out each print alone, is worth $250, both pictures worth $500 minus cost of paint that was under $20.00.

I decided my Andriod phone does not take quality pics, I promise better picture quality in the future. My walls are a light yellow and so are the roses which didnot show up here. Anyway, Happy Treasure Hunting!


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