Dreaming of my Future “bee tree – Gathering”

I have been in Survival mode for almost ten years. Let’s say I have been through the mill, as southerners often quote. Going through the mill is a metaphor for meaning “Life” has crushed, grind, or pulverized an individual’s world. It made me a survivor.
My dreams began as a child fueling my imagination and inspiring me to reach for the stars. However, while going through my own “Going through the Mill” process, I found myself unable to dream in life. When you are in life flight survival mode, your dreams stop. Life is hard you going from a second, minutes, turning to hours trying to get through a day, to make it one more day, by having food, water, and shelter.

During this time, I did try to re-purpose myself. I went to college paid for by pell grants and loans, acquiring a college debt, and with three AAS degrees, I cannot find work. Trust me, applying everywhere and not picky. The only reason I am not on the streets is that a family member took me in and is trying to help me get back into the regular world.

Once essential burdens were removed from me, I noticed, not only could I dream again, I could also dream for others and serve others.

I am dreaming of this kitchen, a gathering place, where I can pour love into my cooking, sharing with my friends, family, and neighbors. A place to gather, talk in long conversations, drink coffee, and believe I will be there to help someone learn how to dream again. My kitchen will be called “The bee tree – Gathering”
I shall overcome it!

Surrounded by friends and love ones, talking, enjoying each other company imagining my pot roast dinner  served on this table.

What’s for Dinner Tonight? Perfect Tavern Pot Roast

Bee Tree Gathering

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