My mind runs on supersonic speed, every conceivable thought running its course. Whispers are floating in the air. Do you hear all the whispers, sneaking in our ears, like Eve in the garden, whose ears deceived her soul?

Aren’t you tired of whispers among our people? I am here where I am at, yet it is over there I want to be, as I gaze over the divide that separates, someone over there is gazing back, but we stay trapped, our whispers divide.

Aren’t you tired of whispers among our people? All it takes is one person willing to close their ears. Listen for the truth! Love in all you do, don’t assume, don’t judge, as you know not the whispers people fight.

Aren’t you tired of whispers among our people? The whispers that bring guns, police, politics, rumors, lies, deceit, hate, anger, betrayals, murder and death of our children , people aren’t the enemy, the real enemy, is the one whispering that was in the garden all those years ago…. he hates the race created by God, black, yellow, red and white, the one race called humanity.

The whispers in your ears are strategies of old that are, meant to divide, to confuse, to blind, to separate and isolate. Stop listening to the lies of the enemy. There is only one thing that can destroy the Whispers. Let me ask you “Are you ready to listen?”

The answer is in the the teaching and revelation of Christ!

Written by: Debra Hearn Jones

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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