Heart Praise

God, you are worthy. I GIVE YOU PRAISE!! Thank you for giving me strength for every hill I had to climb, for every GOLIATH I had to slay, and for every mountain, I had to move. Thank you for forgiving me for every wrong decision I made and for wiping every tear I shed. Thank you for rejection, it was good for me, God moved people away for my protection. Thank you for every time I did not fit in, for every night I cried out your name because I felt so all alone, making me depend and trust on you more, becoming the WOMAN I am today! All these events taught me I was never alone; God was always with me. God never left me, nor has he forsaken me. Why? Because Oh, how he LOVES me. Now I‘ll let you in on the truth, Jesus LOVES you just the same! Wrap that in your heart tonight. Amen.

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