An Offer of Friendship! Bee tree – Gathering – A Tea Party for All!


Hello Beautiful World! May I introduce myself, my birth name is Debra, meaning the Bee, and I created “Beetreegathering blog.”

 I am neither young nor old, sharing my scars, for they are my story, and I see them as stars.

I love all people the human race, and I come to share with you, my voice, an instrument used by one greater than me, for when he called my name, I gladly said Yes, and now I am forever his, a princess, for my father is a king, who I adore and Love with all my heart. 

Come one, come all, will you accept the invitation to the grandest “Beetree Gathering” tea party?


The chairs adorned with teal silk rosettes, a lavish angel spread laid upon the friendship table, covered with crystal water glasses catching the last rays of the days sunshine. I have placed out my best china teacups waiting to hold tea or coffee of your choice, with sapphire blue vases holding pink carnations, their scent permeating the air. Please, have a seat, your special seating awaits you, this chair is for you!

Why? Don’t you know? Haven’t you guessed?

I extend to each of you my hand and offer it in friendship, I hope you will accept my invitation and attend my tea party, here at “bee tree- Gathering!”

I am giving my readers a party, to show my gratitude. There is no charge, the gathering is FREE!

First and foremost, thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate all your likes and comments, thankful for the precious time you gave reading my thoughts.

Allow me the honor to know you by giving me a little rhyme or introduction, for my father has many children and many mansions. I am excited to meet you in my “Messages” below!

Your teacup awaits you!

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