Defining Moments – A Prayer Away!

As she lay sleeping on the street, a gentle hand shook her awake, and she instantly felt the cold, looking around wondering who had awakened her this early. Tired and hungry, yet there was no one there, she smelled in need of a bath. She walked across the street, headed to the gas station, and asked for the key. As she set about her daily routine, she thought of how it felt to be free from the dysfunction of home. She was free from the hurt, the pain, the fear. The journey had been like trying to scale a mountain. Maybe this God, she had learned of at the last shelter, would lead her on the right path. But how? Many people judged her; they did not give her the time of day, let alone a kind word. God says his ways are simple. Are they simple enough for her? Where could she find God? Grabbing her backpack, she headed out and turned the corner, pushing away the feeling of hopelessness and headed to the soup kitchen for breakfast.

Free food a blessing called survival. Mmmm, the food tasted good! Today she had promised herself she would better herself by one item on her list. Maybe, prayer did work, slowly she bowed her head and prayed with the food worker, wondering if God was listening? God, please get me off the streets. Amen.

Unknowns to her in the spiritual realm, God’s angels lifted her prayer, caring it to the throne room, believing her one small prayer carried a mustard seed of faith, which allows something miraculous to happen.
Because two or more had gathered in his name and prayed, ten thousand angels took flight and gathered to begin the fight. God answered her prayer. The battle cry went out for HER as angels cheered in heaven. God gave his approval. The army of angels got ready for battle and descended to earth to watch over their upcoming new convert.

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Chloe was directly assigned to watch over her and protect her; her choices would be her own. The others would be around for back up.
Chloe flew swiftly to her assignment as she journeyed down the street, on guard, close by her side. The young girl was twenty-five, so very thin, but tall and gangly, her hair was burgundy and dressed all in black. No piercing, just what she called dramatic make-up? Her clothes screamed for attention to body parts, not to the person herself looking past all the façade she was hiding under, was a woman who was lost, spiritually, holding on by a thread of sanity.

The girl felt like she was in a race, hurrying her feet seemed to know where they were going as she whisked away? She was practically running to get somewhere, and she had nowhere to go, making her laugh. Unfortunately, she never saw the door until it was too late, hitting her face-first, knocking her on her back.
A hand quickly came down to help her up as she grasped to get up, looking into the face of a woman, maybe thirties, no make-up, a denim skirt, and cotton blouse that ascended to the elbows. The sun lite up her hair like a sunburst twisted on top of her head, bursting with color like the sun, shining vividly, reminding her of her natural color, as it fell loose from the bun.

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“I am so sorry, are you OK?” Here let me help you up. As she looked into her eyes, she knew she could trust her. Joy insisted on buying her a coffee and pastry and explained she had just finished an interview due to layoff. Then her room-mate called and said she had moved out with no notice, which left her in a bind. They talked for two hours and a friendship formed. Joy asked if I would like to look at her place, maybe I would be interested, nodding yes, I smiled. If she knew I was homeless, I am sure she would not have offered. Joy’s residence was five blocks away. I was tired of walking when I arrived. It was a small two-story white house, located behind a take out joint. Joy’s apartment was on the second floor. We went up the stairs she said in warning “never bother the man downstairs, as he needs prayer because he is an addict.
Joy unlocked the door and we entered a small cozy apartment with low ceilings. There was one bathroom with an old-fashioned claw foot tub that was calling my name. She quickly showed me the available bedroom, with a white dresser and a twin bed. Joy giggled and said Look, here is the best feature, opening the window and then crawled out on the rooftop and said, laying here at night you can see all the stars, and during the day get a decent suntan, as no one could see you due to tree coverage.

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I liked Joy, she talked a lot and said if I wanted the room, she would give me a deal, the first month free, and she would provide all the groceries. I looked at her and quietly said; Are you sure? Joy smiled and said yes, silly. Within minutes, Joy had a new room-mate, never asked me my name, and quickly went out the door to run errands. I stood there dumb-struck, with a key in my hand, and walked into the bathroom, shut and locked the door and turned on the most beautiful noise I had ever heard, running water into a tub, I dumped all kinds of smelly salts and perfumes, unrobed and slowly slid into a hot heavenly bath. I had waited so long to be clean. The girl said loudly; Thank you, God! You answered my prayer! And unknown to her, her angel danced and sang in joy for her answered prayer and her thanks.

Earlier that morning, Joy left her building giggling. She was surprised she felt so energetic, as she had been awakened that morning at 4:30, crying in prevailing prayer. Most folks did not understand speaking in tongues and were quite afraid of it; to her, it was just as natural as talking. It was a quiet private language she used to prevail in spiritual battle. God used her to pray in the spirit. She was so excited during prayer this morning she had seen an image of the girl who was in her apartment. Joy had a vision the girl was soon to be a fragile new babe in Christ and was to be treated delicately, with respect. When her prayer time had finished, she quickly got up her prayer mat, her bible, and dressed for her interview. Afterward, she went to the local coffee house and got the rude vacating call from her old room-mate and in anger, flung open the door, without regard to others on the sidewalk. There was no way she could contain her excitement as she reached down to pick up the young girl. She did not have to look for her, God had brought her right to her feet. She felt the air around her was bubbly, charged, and the hair stood up on her neck and arms. She was standing in a God Defining Moment. Praise Jesus, she was being used as a servant of God and was on a mission.

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Back at the apartment, the water in the tub was getting cold, time passed as she lay there, the calmest she had felt that in months. She closed her eyes and that’s when the attack came.

Chloe suddenly was at attention, as a dark spirit had entered the bathroom, it was quick and unmerciful in its attack. As the young woman took a deep breath suddenly her mind was besieged with thoughts of the past, and the pain swiftly invaded her heart and mind, she was in a place long forgotten, in a black void, where there was no light, she saw the Phoenix coming toward her and its anger preceded its approach. It nearly sucked everything out of her, it clawed at her with no remorse, the fangs digging into her flesh, Its claws dug into her and with its beak suddenly began scratching and ripping her flesh off of her body, she screamed: “God, save me.” Chloe fought like a true warrior and let out a war cry to bring reinforcements, fighting the demon hard to restore the peace, and stop the physical attach. The war cry brought the other angels and vacated the demon, the battle was won. God interceded, he answered her prayer, saving her. Chloe, her guardian angel, comforted her charge, ministering long into the hours of the night that she might sleep.
Angles surrounded the room and outside the apartment building, on guard to protect, as many continued to guard Chloe and her charge, they prayed for healing, to remove wounds from the attack, they would survive. The angles began to devise a new strategy, an attack, usually of this nature, did not come for one so early in the process. She must be special. As they gathered, they prayed and ministered to the sleeping woman, and through God healed the wounds on her body. When Joy returned home she found her asleep and went to her prayer closet putting on the full armor of God, thanking him for his mercies are good every day!

I hope you will pray with me for the homeless in our nation!

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