Life Matters!

Dear Joy,

Joy, you used to tell me your life didn’t matter; that was a lie. Every life matters, in every way. Especially yours!

Joy, you are my dearest friend. We both endured tough times and hardships! Thank you for standing by my side when things got tough when all the others left, making me laugh; as my heart shattered. You earned my trust. I learned I could tell you anything. Then you began teaching me how to stand up for myself, showing me there was a backbone in my wiggly spine.

Remember, I couldn’t stand the sight of you when I first meet you, and you told me the feeling was very mutual! Oh, how we have laughed over that one through the last fifteen years. Our secrets are safe with God and each other! Not often in this life can we trust someone and tell them what the roots are that broke us into shattered vessels. We were always there for each other no matter the time or distance. I am glad we had that mutual trust, more glad we were best friends. Time never separated us. We just picked back up where we left off.

The Lord taught me he molds the clay of the most broken people and uses them for his kingdom.

God picks up those shattered pieces of our vessels and knows just what to put back together. I honestly think he enjoyed watching our friendship grow as we learned from each other.

Now you have gained your angel wings and flown, I miss you very much and the old cliché of more than words can express, there are no words, just my tears. The other day in a moment of crying, I thought you sat beside me and gave that one arm Joy hug you do, my last hug and goodbye until we meet again. God knew! Best friends forever!
Jesus will help me through. Amen!

11 thoughts on “Life Matters!

    1. Wow, Thank you very much!!! Electric Contrarian, Can I say , I am honored, and I give all Glory to God!! God inspires me in all I do, and starting my blog on here was a way to release my thoughts , they have been in my mind for along time! 🙂 I have meet and continue to meet many wonderful soul inspiring writers and people who have enriched my life, and bring me joy!! The Holy Spirit works in wonderful mysterious ways! I have been on the road for two days, and I am behind on my blog and I am beginning to work on my next post. I look forward to any who want to read, and if I am suppose to do anything with nomination, let me know, I am new on here and dont know all the rules! Blessings !!! Glory to God! This made my day!


    1. Hello Sweet Friend! Your prayers give me strength, and I am very Blessed to have more than one best friend :), I just keep walking forward trusting God for the rest! As always you are a beacon of light in a dark time. I look forward to seeing your writings, as I believe encouragement and inspiration will flow out to many! You truly are a blessing! Love you back, my friend!


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