Journey Home

The day we began our journey back to the Carolina’s really tested me. We were driving two vehicles and I was to follow the other vehicle. I hate moving, being stuck and not moving forward. It seems as if at every corner, there is a new problem or issue to resolve and over come. My emotions are on a rocky roller coaster ride dealing with other issues and seriously I just want to get off the roller coaster. My mind is weary, it is logistically resolving fifteen to twenty five issues everyday on just survival.

In my previous post Sunday and Coffee, I quoted:

Isaiah 41:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 says “So do not fear, for I am with you; ( I felt alone and afraid), do not be dismayed , for I am your God, (Yet the day I left Florida I was feeling dismayed , I felt weak, which had me crying uncontrollably.) On top of all my own issues, I dealt with a dead battery, jump starting my vehicle, heavy traffic, delays and worried about flash flooding and alternate routes due to the Hurricane Florence.My vehicle was leaking antifreeze, it was hot as Hades, with 90% humidity. Scared to turn the AC on for fear, my vehicle wouldn’t handle it. Scared I couldn’t handle the heat. Mostly scared of the journey ahead. There was no other option we had to go home.

I prayed a prayer of desperation, asking God to cover me and my family, other drivers, to go before us, to make our cooked paths straight. I asked the Holy Spirit to ride in the vehicles with us, keeping us safe. Pleading the blood of Jesus spiritually, mentally emotionally and physically.

My secret that no one knew was I had two tires on the font end, that the inside of the tires were wearing bald. I even asked God to protect my tread and make my tires safe. I was praying prayers of details and the Promises of God. My tears were consuming me as I drove, crying out to God, the Holy Spirit took over as I began to speak in tongues, I needed help and my master, Lord and Savior, was the one I needed. (Yes, if God is in control of the universe, he can control my vehicle and me, just fine, I trust God)

The prayer brought the sweet peace that only comes from God. Then in a moment of sincere silence, as I drove, I heard”I have covered you “all” on this journey.” (God was with us.) I began to rejoice, singing and praising God. Then as I rounded the curve on this huge expressway I was traveling on , I noticed the sun was setting on the left and as I glanced to look , the clouds were shaped in the formation of wings, as if they were wrapping around something, and I instantly felt God was giving me a sign, as the cloud formation reminded me of Psalm 91, my favorite scripture, which inspired me to write Cover Me Lord! By:Debra Hearn Jones~ 9-26-10, (God strengthened me.)


The majority of my journey I rode in peace, my vehicle performed excellent, no problems with tires, all of us arrived safely after a massive reroute from Florence 16 hours later. I learned on this journey, that when my own strength failed me and I was weak, God gave me strength and sustained me. God upheld us with his righteous right hand protecting my family. My trust in God definitely deepened, he is my God!

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