Autumn – My Favorite Season Has Arrived!

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! I love the changing of the leaves, pumpkins, cool crisp air, hot chocolate, coffee, stews and cooking marshmallows over bonfires!


It is the season my creativity flourishes the most, being inspired by the shifting of seasons, changing of leaves and the arrival of cold weather.


Cold weather makes my passion for cooking come alive and I will make homemade soups, stews and cold weather favorites, freezing until the perfect time to thaw and enjoy.


I love long walks in wooded areas, pumpkin patches and trunk or treats at church.


Mostly though, it is a season that reminds me all the way through Thanksgiving, to be thankful for God, Family, Friends and my church family. Enjoy this Season!!Be Thankful!


May God allow us to flourish, prosper and walk in excellent health, allowing our lights to shine, so that lost souls may be drawn unto the truth, freedom and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


28 thoughts on “Autumn – My Favorite Season Has Arrived!

  1. I’m right along with you about fall. It makes my creativity light up like mountain foliage! And it’s the arrival of my 2 favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I could do very well without the time change…

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    1. Well I look forward to that mountain foliage and creativity, and Oh how I love Thanksgiving and the gathering of family. My mother passed down her love of this holiday to me, and taught me her recipes. I love to bake lemon bars, upside down pineapple cake, apple pies and turkey and ham and deviled eggs……hehehe sorry I got carried away thinking of Thanksgiving.

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      1. Nothing wrong with that! Pecan pie is the taste of fall for me! I’ve always been around pecan trees. They start dropping soon and it’s just a taste of home and autumn. And it’s excellent with a strong hot cup of coffee!

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            1. I was convinced. I could make a baby squirrel into my pet, and I almost succeeded until the mama squirrel flew through the air hissing at me and gave me grey hairs at age of 12. I gladly gave back the baby. True Story!

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            2. Lol! I’ve never tried to have one for a pet. My cousin and me went camping one time and one was scurrying around our camp. So I popped it and dressed it, cooked it over the campfire. I was impressed!! Tree rats are tasty! It’s amazing really..

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            3. I still have a lot from last year. I usually only hunt 2. That’s about as much meat as I need.

              Speaking of stews, it’s about time for me to make some venison stew! Onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and jalapeño.. in beef broth with a little season salt and pepper..

              After that it’s time for some chili! Probably my favorite food.

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  2. I am right there with you……..autumn, my favorite season of the year……and we have our first day of cooler weather today……..Thank goodness, praise God! love the pictures you use for this blog……….so pretty.

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