Coffee and Kindness


Good Morning Beautiful Souls!

Are you stressed? Take time this morning to just breath. Drink a little coffee. We the human race must slow down and remember how precious it is to be alive and to give love. Many beautiful moments in life are missed due to stress and the fast pace to get our stuff done. The stuff is not really that important, it is our own list of perceived items we feel we must accomplish. Trust me , just breath and let that list go. Today make an effort to show love and compassion to one another, without these two, humans cannot function. The greatest commandment given to us by God is to “Love God, Love Others.” Be kind, everyone is  going through a battle,  of which we know nothing. Be attentive, listen, encourage, uplift,  show concern, be kindhearted, warmhearted, affection, show warmth, gentleness, concern, care; give consideration,  be helpful, thoughtful, unselfish, show compassion, sympathy, understandinghospitality, be a good neighbor. Love your neighbor as yourself. And remember, be Kind to yourself, it starts with you first! Have a Blessed Saturday!


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