Southern Carolina Fried Noodles

Southern Carolina Fried Noodles  is a favorite family recipe and we eat it for any meal of the day. We make mild and spicy batches, which the sausage blends determine.


1 package of your favorite pork sausage – My brand is Jimmy Dean Original, if you want spicy sausage, buy Jimmy Dean Spicy Sausage “HOT”.

2 boxes extra large elbow macaroni

3 stalks of celery – Diced small

2 onions -Diced small

3 Green Bell Peppers – Diced small

Garlic Paste

Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon -Worcestershire sauce


Boil Noodles , then drain.

Dice up all veggies, squirt desired garlic paste into frying pan, add veggies, cook until tender, add Jimmy Dean Sausage, break it up to cook evenly, once sausage is cooked brown, add in boiled noodles.

Douse with Soy Sauce and and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. The trick is to not turn until you see edges getting crispy, then flip over, don’t get upset if you turn to early, most first timers do, Cook till other side is brown.

Serve 6-8, probably will have left overs. And Yes, it is like spaghetti, even more better 2nd time around when you eat leftovers.




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