Broken Vessels

Broken Vessels literally are pottery that has been broken and then gets thrown away, it absolutely has lost it’s value! Who is willing to take the pieces and glue them all back together again, to only find out the piece of pottery leaks or breaks more easily next time.

Many times we hear in our teachings of Christ the term “Broken Vessels” being referred to as a term From Old Testament symbolism that people are like clay vessels,” describing a person, one who is in pieces, broken, destroyed or forgotten , considered to be of no value.  These individuals are disregarded , rejected, and just thrown away!

The bible talks of one such person, a broken vessel, in the bible , in the book of Joshua, her name was Rahab, a woman who lived in Jericho, in the promised land she ran an inn. In Joshua 2:1 she is described as a prostitute. She was considered worthless, men could treat her however, she was in the oldest of professions, and faced persecution most days. However, the one thing that was different about Rahab was that with all the travelers she came in contact with she listened intently to the stories they told of God! She began to yearn to know this God, and when the spies came to her , she hid them on the roof under flax, instead of turning them in to the soldiers. The spies were able to escape and before they left they told her destruction was coming, and if she would hang a red cord outside her house, her and her house would be spared. Everyone died in Jericho, except Rahab and her family. Rahab’s family migrated and she met an aristocrat named Salmon ,who is the paternal great-great-grandfather of David, they were married and had a son named Boaz. 

How wonderful is it that God toke a broken vessel like Rahab, a prostitute,  pieced her broken clay jar (her soul) back together, forming a hand sculpted masterpiece.  who was converted, her sins wiped clean, and entered into the direct ancestry of Jesus Christ.

I tell this story to encourage you, we are all wretches before God saves  us, his mercy and love wraps around us and when we convert (repent & believe), our sins and past are wiped clean! Rahab went from being a wretch to a righteous woman of God! The Broken Vessel became a priceless Masterpiece handmade by a master with unconditional Love and Mercy!


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