Sweet Tea vs. Spiritual Pit

Today I found myself short on patience (sin nature), coming from  one of my pet peeves; lack of listening ( my problem). I was trying to pick up a to go order of soup for someone who just got out of the hospital. I came in, said”Hello, I have a to-go order, and the lady said ” Just get in line, I turned around to look, and there were at least thirty lunch patrons, who had already enjoyed their lunch , just waiting to pay.  I asked”Don’t you have a to-go register and she said NO!”

Grumbling, I went to the back of the line, I was mad, time was of the essence, standing in pain (back & leg issues) and not happy I was waiting behind thirty paying customers. I felt inconvenienced. (Selfish) Finally, with just 2 more people to go, wondering if my lunch for my friend would even be hot, I, see a woman being given her to-go order, and I am thinking  “I don’t believe she was in line. “(judging)  I get called to next available register and I give my last name for a to-go order. I step to end of counter and they bring out my order, it’s hot, everything looks good and as I start to leave, I realize I am missing my friend’s drink. I ask for the drink, they go to get it, and I look at my ticket, hmmm, she never rang up the tea, even though she called it back to me. I was tempted to just leave with the drink, it’s their mistake. (Justifying my bad action)Yet I paused, and I thought, that’s not right.My mind remembered 1 Cor 10:13, God gives a way for escape from a temptation. I looked at the waiter and said , I need to pay for the tea , it’s not on my ticket.  (Avoid Stealing)

I am not joking when I tell you it took them another 10 minutes to ring in the tea, while my food got cold. From the time I entered the restaurant till I left, it took 40 minutes to get my take out order to my vehicle.

Today I was the problem. I let my current circumstances and sadness overwhelm me to a point I no longer knew how to act right. I was behaving like a babe, not getting their way.

And guess what God was right there with me sending me signs and hints, giving me a way to escape. I really had to push down my flesh, it was hard. I am in desperate need of God’s Blessings and I sure don’t want to loose them over an unpaid glass of tea! Thank you Lord, I paid for that tea. Lord forgive me for how I acted and felt, thank God for his loving mercies and I am forgiven.

I write this story because that glass of tea, could have lead me into a pit…….it’s the small things that lead you there. That’s how the enemy works. However, the one who is in me, is for me, and he is GREATER, showing me the right way, I only have to LISTEN!! God Bless!

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