BREAST CANCER is Hard to Talk About! I am a Survivor! You live in a fog when diagnosed. I give God and only God the Glory for walking me through this difficult journey. I am  grateful for every breath I take! I share my story in “Hope” you will schedule your mammogram, and keep it up every year!  Early Detection saved my life! I was 1 in 8, Less than a 10% Chance. During a routine yearly exam, I was diagnosed with Stage 1, Right Side, Breast Cancer in 2015. DCIS. I learned there are different kinds of Breast Cancer. I opted for a Double Mastectomy, my choice. Pathology came back, guess what I had Cancer in my left breast Stage 0. Because the Cancer was caught very early , I didn’t have to go through Chemo and Radiation. I am Alive and Grateful! #FAITHHOPESTRENGHTLOVESURVIVOR   

Composite image of young woman holding card


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