Prayer- Lord We Need You!

God our father, walk through my house, my families house, my friends house, our workplaces and my church, take away all our worries, all our illnesses, all our strife, all our woes, please watch over and heal each and every person I speak of from my heart, most importantly, I pray the hardest for those who do not have a house tonight to call home. I pray you bring them to church, that you touch them, ignite them, speak to them, and quicken their spirit to know you, our Lord and Savior. I pray for warrior angels to be set guard at your command around each and every person who is praying to you and who is being prayed for tonight, Oh Lord, that our cries would be heard God. God I am knocking on your door, please open and
Let unleash a mighty move of the Holy Spirit that will begin a revival to save the lost, broken, disheartened, addicted, alcoholic, and homeless of our city and state. Let them see that a seed of faith, abound in you, Oh Lord bring forth joy and salvation. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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