Heel Pain, Again?

I found out this week my heel pain was due to heel spurs which can be very painful. Figured I better go to the doctor, since I could put no pressure on my foot let alone walk on it! Yea, I procrastinated. X-ray confirmed the heel spurs, and the doctor recommended a combo shot of predisone and cortisone into the foot. I mean how bad could it hurt? I was already in extreme pain, they would give a numbing shot, then the combo shot. I thought I was tough and could handle it. I should have known something was up when my Ukrainian accent doctor laughed and said he loved giving these shots! His laugh was a little like the laugh on a scary Frankenstein movie. First he found the point of pain in my heel, hen he inserted what felt like a three inch numbing needle and began to dig around. All I can say is ,I broke out in a sweat, I felt tears involuntarily fall down my face and then I felt a rumble from deep in my gut that came hurling out, sounding like the roar of a lion being killed, screaming at the doctor to “GET IT OUT”  the doctor smiled and then stuck in the combo shot, what came out my mouth was probably the worst scream of my life! Then he was done.  I am hoping the doctor loves giving heel shots because of the almost immediate release of pain, and not because he enjoys the pain inflicted on the patient. Within 24 hours I could walk on my foot again! I changed my shoes from flats to arch support shoes and I am walking alot better.

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