My Storehouse is Empty, Bone Dry!

I have not been inspired to write lately, allowing all the negativity to enter my mind, feeling discouraged. Truth is I am discouraged all around. My writing tends to stagnate when I am in this mindset.

I am really fighting my thoughts and struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I keep saying “This to shall pass,” and my mind questions me “Will it pass?”

I recently told someone that they had allowed their spiritual storehouse to become empty. Then a light bulb went off in my head. Might be my own problem. I ignored the sign. I just kept saying “That you have to fill up your own storehouse, before you are capable of helping someone else. By not storing up we empty out or leak. ”

I confess I am spiritually dry. I am bone tired, weary, feeling empty, having lost my joy and no longer feel motivated by the passions I enjoy in life, like writing, art, encouragement, and sharing my love of God.

The signs of spiritual dryness are emptiness, weariness, lack of serving, joylessness, loss of communication with God (Forgetting to listen), not excitable, then there are sudden spiritual battles and traumas.

What I failed to recognize is that I need to be replenished. I am filled with the Holy Spirit, I have seen rivers of living water, flow in and out of me, what I failed to realize is that all my giving and distractions depleted my storehouse and I am spiritually dry.

For that special sect of the human race that are natural givers of time, support and care, it is surprising to realize while you helped others you actually forgot to keep your own storehouse full.

Maybe you question how a christian can get to this point. I personally believe I became spiritually dry after battling  both spiritual and personal battles, never taking time to replenish, as the enemy came in like a flood,  all the while being positive and encouraging, lifting those I saw in need. I got overwhelmed and then I slowly burned out. My smile is no longer genuine, I have lost my joy and most times I feel like crying. I forgot to fill up my tank, my spiritual storehouse, which is what I draw from in helping others. Now I need to focus on myself. I need it more than I can explain.

It is a gift from God to realize you are weary and running on empty, I consider it an invitation to come unto the Lord and get replenished. The Good News is that God revealed this to me, it is good I see and receive it, as I cannot be all I need to be for God, if I am spiritually dry.

Now I wonder, what can I do to refill my storehouse, as it didn’t just empty overnight. What safeguards can I put in place to protect myself?

1.Accept responsibility. I am the only one to blame.  Not my circumstances, people or trials. 2. I need God. I need to thirst for God!  3. Admit, I need God right now in this moment. Seek him.  4. I need to do whatever it takes to have an encounter with God, may it be reading my bible, devotions, praising, sermons, or church.  5. Evaluate a check up from the neck up on yourself! Re-evaluate and Re-focus, meditate on change. Listen for God!   6. Ask for help,  be transparent, inquire if others will pray for you, let your needs be known then trust God!  This will show strength in trying times.  7. Simply pray and tell God what he already knows, that you are empty!  Pray ‘Lord, fill me afresh with Your Holy Spirit, like the first time.’

(I am thinking of that song by Andre Crouch, “Take me Back”Take a moment to listen)


I hope you enjoyed this song as much as I did. I hope you follow along with me this week, if your own personal storehouse feels empty. Ask God to fill you up! Blessings!






8 thoughts on “My Storehouse is Empty, Bone Dry!

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this song—an oldie but a goodie. We have all been in that dry valley. It’s no fun at all, but God is birthing something so great in you! We don’t see the blessing in the trial, until we are on the other side. But rest assured, God has lifted a standard against the enemy just for YOU!!! Do you know how special you are, daughter of the King? He has laid you on my heart so many times! When we can’t walk, He sends someone to carry us! I am carrying you in prayer! Sometimes we can’t pray for ourselves, we need others to do spiritual warfare for us, because we are too weak. God knows! I love you my friend! I’m praying for you right now! Jesus, do it again! Fill my sister full of Your Spirit! Be her encourager In the Name of Jesus! He is with you whoever you go. Much prayer!

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