Adding Grain to the Storehouse!

Today, I found a piece of grain for my storehouse, which if you read my last post, you will remember, I confessed was empty, bone dry. Somehow, I allowed my storehouse to be emptied and I didn’t re-fill it. It is no ones fault except my own,I take full responsibility. Just like when you run out of food you must visit the grocery store to replenish the cabinets. However, my spiritual storehouse was empty;spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. There was nothing left to give. I cried for two days, mired in depression, seeing no way out of my circumstances. God revealed to me I was empty, it was a gift,  during the dry spell. My storehouse needed to be filled . I simply went back to the basics, I started with crying out to God, laying out my heart, I had a conversation with him, even if he didn’t answer. I got into the word of God, instead of relying on my bible app, I blew off the dust on my bible, I felt those pages and inhaled the sweet essence of the word. I prayed on the full “Armour of God” covering all I know and then some, I continued praying my life verse psalms 91, then proceeded to praying Psalms 100- make a joyful noise. Serve the Lord. The Lord is God, he made us, enter into his gates with Thanksgiving,praise, and be thankful and bless his name. For the Lord is good, his mercy everlasting and his truth endureth to all generations. I thought on the goodness of God, and I felt the heaviness of depression lifting, I am not alone. God loves me, and I am going to build up my storehouse. Today , I placed a grain of seed in my storehouse. It is a start! A new beginning. I hope today as I share my story, if you are spiritually dry, and your storehouse is empty, you will join me and go back to the basics. I invite you to follow along on my journey. When two join together in friendship it is a cord that is braided and not easily broken. Those of us who are currently spiritually dry with empty storehouses need to join together in prayer, for we are stronger together than apart. If your storehouse is full, please join by covering us in prayer on this journey. Remember to replenish the storehouse!

Blessings and Love

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8 thoughts on “Adding Grain to the Storehouse!

  1. Faith as the grain of a mustard seed! So small, but so powerful in God’s eyes! I’m glad to hear that you are on the mend. Sometimes we have to get somewhere to spend alone time with God. To rest our weary spirits, bodies and minds. He will fill our cup back up. Even Job had to pour out His complaints before the Lord. Much prayers my friend! 🙏❤️

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