The Miracle of Another Day!

Good Morning,

Let us rejoice in this beautiful day the Lord has given us. I took this photo on vacation with friends years ago.This is a summary of my thoughts that day!

I step into the cool stillness of the morning breeze, inhaling the fresh dewy air, pausing to sip my creamy decadent coffee, slowly I begin my walk down the moonlight lite stones toward the pier.I could see the shadow of my favorite place to sit, the Adirondack chair, it felt good, as I slid in and wrapped my shawl around me. The steam rose from my coffee as I lifted the cup for another sip. I watched in anticipation as the dark skyline began to dissipate, dew spread over the grass, beads of translucent water, covering like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. I heard the rustle of squirrels, beginning to dart back and forth, and the night time bugs were settling down. The black skyline seemed somber, as if time was standing still, waiting for the miracle.  A small light begins to glow on the horizon, beginning to warm the day, lighting up the dew like a thousand chandeliers. The sun begins to rise as I shield my eyes, the majestic vivid fiery orange ball sends out burst of colors that paint the sky in a masterpiece only God could create. The beams of light shoot North , South , East and West forming a blazing cross the colors burst forward lighting up our world as God gives us all the miracle of another day!

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