Grow A Garden!

Over hundred years ago my maternal grandmother was born during the depression with multiple brothers and sisters. Remarkably, they all survived the pandemic flu of 1918,  humbly living off her parents farm. They were poor, yet didn’t go hungry, as the years progressed, they carried on the tradition in thier own families living off their land land.

My descendants grew nearly everything they ate. My grandmother grew and sustained a garden where ever her life took her in the beautiful state of North Carolina. She always had chickens and one mean rooster. I remember grandma  cooking bone broth, liver& onions, vegetable soup bases, canning everything that came out of her garden like tomatoes, corn, okra, squash, zucchini, collards, cabbage, red onions, kale, rutabaga, potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, scallions, strawberries, blueberries, green beans, butter beans, broccoli and lettuce; the list goes onward thinking of her vast garden in Hugo North Carolina. Grandma cooked in a cast iron skillet, a pressure cooker and saucepans. The thing is, even as a child, I remember all that food grown on a small piece of land. There was an abundance of produce, a family of six couldn’t consume it all, my  grandma sent the abundance down the road to less fortunate families. Neighbors always helped neighbors.

Sadly, America had a problem with starvation and it took WWII, when the federal government mandated everyone must grow a victory garden to help even out rations, that things changed. People were educated on how to grow gardens. Oh how I wish that had stayed with us, the knowledge being passed down generation to generation. Sadly a few generations got skipped. Eventually my generation was skipped.

Everyday American families are going hungry, because they lack knowledge on how to grow and sustain their own food source.Where are the teachers?

Do you grow a garden each year? This year ask your neighbor, if you can teach them how to plant a garden and sustain it. One act of kindness could feed a family for a lifetime!!! Ask them to pass on the kindness to a new neighbor the following year, donate surplus to food pantries. It’s America, our children and neighbors shouldn’t be going to bed hungry! Just a thought! GROW A GARDEN !

Here are some sights to get you more knowledgeable! Enjoy!

Click to access Grow%20Your%20Own%20Victory%20Garden.pdf


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