Chocolate Festival

My weekend adventure began with a three hour drive heading to the small coastal town of Morehead City, NC, otherwise known as the “Crystal Coast” for the 12th Annual Chocolate Festival! Seriously folks, I had chocolate bars dancing in my head, dreaming of nothing but chocolate cupcakes, cookies, cotton candy, chocolate dipped bacon, cheesecake , chocolate salted caramel and anticipating all the vendors creations!

Crowds were great on Saturday with a line out the door. The happy volunteer holding the door open; jokingly stated ” Hurry up inside , only 12 milk chocolate bars left.” His excitement and exuberance for the cause, was contagious!

One of my favorites treats are the heart shaped chocolate strawberries nestled closely together on a cake server, each one dipped into creamy luscious milk chocolate just waiting to be devoured, there is just no taste more divine, than sweet red berries covered in any kind of chocolate, dark, milk or white.


My 2nd favorite this year was none other than baked, thick-cut bacon, dipped in chocolate then drizzled with sea salt and caramel.  The taste was so delectable, it would make a puppy pull a freight train.

chocolate bacon

My new favorite  is Chocolate Peanuts, I bought a small jar and sadly they did not last to make the trip back home. We ate them all!


In concluding what I  love most about the Carolina Chocolate Festival is actually not the food, it is the “Cause” this wonderful heart endeavor was started by the late John Greene celebrating chocolate and local charities, with all proceeds going to these wonderful causes to help support those in need. The last I checked, over $400,000 has been raised.  If you were unable to attend the festival, you can still make charitable donations to the following charities of your choice!

  • Bridge Street Ministries
  • Carteret Domestic Violence
  • Second Blessing Community Outreach

Here is a link to highlight the charities, Donations are welcome! Please check out all the vendors, don’t hesitate to  contact them for your own orders! Valentines is right around the corner! Blessings



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