How Are You? Fine!


Does this sound familiar? How are you? I’m fine.

I’m just shaking my head because I know underneath the word “fine” you really mean I’m sad, hurting, falling apart, loosing hope, anxious, rejected, judged, not trusting, betrayed, heartbroken, lonely, angry, confused, fragile and never allowing others to see the pain or witness those tears.

Being in a state of “Isolation,” barely functioning going through the motions. is unhealthy. This is when most people  realizes they have lost their power, power on how they expect to be treated, respect, integrity, core values and realize their walls of boundaries are broken.

The truth is you are not “fine”, yet you will be ok, you just have to take back your power.

How do I take back my power?

Love Yourself – Look in the mirror and fall in Love with you! You are worthy to be loved. Study all your likes and dislikes and come to peace with them. Love the imperfect you.

Get into the word of God, read and study it for yourself!! You will find yourself falling in love with your creator. Your eyes will be open. Seek truth and you will find it.

Distance yourself from the ones who bring constant chaos, drama in your life, learn to love from a distance, pray for them. Hurt people hurt people!

Find an activity that brings you joy!

Try  to make a new friend each month, and hang out doing fun activities!

Sit in a bookstore, read, watch people, learn! Education is powerful!

Be kind to someone in need. Yet do not try to save them, that is their journey with God, only he can save them.

Trust yourself and your gut, it is rarely wrong!

Let go of the past, forgive, hanging on to it only poisons you!

Do not fear, God will never forsake you, you are never alone. Learn to enjoy solitude, quiet times.

Go pick up the dreams and passions of things you like to do that you let go of in the past. Reclaim your love of writing, art, boating, sports, fashion, interior design, mechanics, medicine, legal, teacher, policeman, librarian etc……go find that which once called your name, reclaim it and never let it go again.

Learn how to say no, and mean it.

Pick up your integrity, respect, core values and put boundaries in place to protect yourself!

Take care of you first, you are worthy!

Jeremiah 29:11 New Living Translation (NLT)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

11 thoughts on “How Are You? Fine!

  1. Great post! I led a women’s bible study called We Saved You A Seat. Excellent! That’s one of the things they talked about was “How are you, really?” Taking the mask off and just being real is so freeing. God bless you sweetie!🤗

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      1. I did it last year I believe, it’s by Lisa Jo Baker, We saved you a seat! So good, growing up in alcoholism I was a great enable but really great dressing it up to look like “I’m fine” Look perfect, act perfect and you are accepted….that’s what I learned growing up. Also developed an eating disorder, which God is still working with me on. But I will get FREE!

        What warped thinking I had. The devil whispered lies in my ear from an early age and I believed them hook line and sinker. It wasn’t until I went to Alanon i was abt 35 ( it’s a meeting for people who has a problem with a friend or loved ones drinking problem) where I started learning who I was, that my feelings mattered, and that it was safe to take my mask off and start healing.
        Google her study you won’t be disappointed. You might even can find it on YouTube. The DVD’s were not expensive. Worth doing by yourself or with friends.

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        1. Thank you for sharing your journey! I pray for deliverance from the eating disorder and continued success on your journey of being the real you. It is a pleasure to have chatted with you. I will definitely check it out,

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