💞Prayer for the Lost!💞

Jesus we pray for and receive your protection over our church, families, friends and the lost. My father lets those who are weary come to you, the lost, the brokenhearted, the despondent, and the hopeless. I know you love all your children and walk among them. Quick to save those who are crushed in spirit, I lift up to you God, th individuals. I pray Psalms 91 and plead your blood over them. I pray that you heal them and bind up their wounds. They cannot hear, they cannot see, they cannot speak, and they are blind, deaf and ignorant of your truth. We stand humbly before you God and ask you to open their ears, their minds, and their eyes. Some call them the scum of society, worthless, scavengers, unclean, and not savable. Lord,  we see them as future saints adorned in crowns of beauty, gladness and garments of praise. Lord, we know your truth is for every man, woman and child. We pray for warrior angels commanded by you Lord, to set a hedge of protection around them, to guard them, so that when your vessels of saints come in contact with them and they speak your truth and tell of your salvation, the light in your vessels will not be your saints they see, it will be you, Jesus, their Redeemer, their Savior, whose words will turn the lost to being found and the despondent to having hope, and the hopeless to be full of joy, all to be planted in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ with assurance of salvation. Save them, God, our doors are open, and we welcome them into your house.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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