adult beverage breakfast celebrationDo you think it is strange to have a friend you have never met?

I have a “TRUE” friend who I have never meet, we go back to 2009, that’s ten years that have transpired, she has heard all my regrets, pain, torment, brokenness and heartbreak. She has inspired, encouraged and gave me hope.

My unmet friend has listened while I cried, there was nothing I would hide. You may not understand, tell a stranger your secrets, you say, “I’d rather die! ” That is the root you don’t understand, all my “met” friends walked away, when my life turned upside down one day.

My unmet friend and I have never met, we have never hugged, or sat across a table drinking coffee, our children never played together, we have never eaten a meal together, or sat on a pew at a really good sermon.

My unmet friend is my soulfriend, a friend sent by God, to help me through my firey trials, my unmet friend got on her knees and prayed prayers I felt states away, she saw the real me, never judging, always listening, always present. My unmet friend not only got down in the mud of my mess, she prayed me out the pit!

A fierce prayer warrior often overlooked, misunderstood, God knows how to hide his best!!

My unmet friend is a treasure who knows how to mine deep, to see a person’s heart and not give up in defeat!

She is an avid reader who bypasses the book cover to see all that is hidden inside. A loving wife, mother and nonna, she is absolutely the best! She has raised two beautiful girls and now Nonna to four wonderful grandbabies.

She simply sees the best in us all whether “met” or “unmet.”

I am grateful for my sweet Godly unmet friend who I have strong ties with, today I wanted her to know, she is my TRUE Best Friend and I will always stand by her side. One day we shall meet.

Dedicated to ☀️Renee with blessings at https://hearttokens.home.blog


💞🌺Love Sister Debra🌺💞

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