Scape Goat & The Fence

The fence that surrounds the family is protection from the enemy and is everyone’s responsibility.

When family members get mad, angry or irrational they take it out on the fence beating it up, then the fence mender/scapegoat tries to smooth it out again.

When the family’s little children approach the fence, they need to be taught words have power and thus are given nails, the little ones’ love hammering the nails in the posts, then shortly after, they are shown how to remove the nails! The children cannot remove or fix the holes, they are pernament, just as hurtful words cannot be undone once spoken and those holes can’t be removed, despite forgiveness. Words have Power Speak Life!

Spiritual Fence Lines around the family get cut by arguments, chaos, strife and words stated in anger with lines drawn in the sand, family members disowned because family members will not accept responsibility for their own negative actions.

Unresolved family conflicts allowed a breach in the fence for the enemy to enter in…. the enemy is acid, there are places in the fence where acid has eroded directly through, the acid has carried forth a spirit of destruction toward family units, once the acid leaks in, the acid destroys every relationship it touches.

The fence mender is heartbroken and has no cure for the acid. Then all family points fingers and blame turns to? you guessed right “The mender/scapegoat of the fence!” The mender/scapegoat is left tied to the fence, defenseless, left on a short rope, with no escape. The scapegoat/mender has no choice except to chew through the rope, to escape, to find freedom.

The question now is, how are you going to mend your family fence? Was the responsibility of the fence’s condition just the fence mender’s responsibility or the family unit has a whole? The scapegoat can’t be solely responsible as the fence mender because he warned the others, pulling out nails, forgiving words over and over, being blamed, criticized , called crazy, manipulated, bullied, rejected all the while loving those who falsley persecuted him as he stood in faith trying to heal the family to make the fence strong again to protect the family.

Look around if you have lost or falsley persecuted a family member aka family scapegoat/fence mender, repent ask forgiveness, take responsibility for your actions , go to the fence, sand down the holes , it will be hard and take time, yet if persistent, carried out in love the holes may slightly close, sadly a part of the hole will always remain open because negative words are never forgotten and remain as scars. Words are Powerful! Speak Life! Guard your tongue, walk away when angry, let your words be sweet as honey, keep your fence strong!

Just something to ponder! Be Blessed!

One thought on “Scape Goat & The Fence

  1. Wow! This is so wonderful! I pray all will take that advice! We must be on the same wavelength today. I woke up with something on my mind. Just got done writing it and published. Then I read this! Wow! Unity in the Spirit! Being that scapegoat is hard. I pray people wake up and see the hurt they feel and project onto others can be mended! Those scars will always be there though. This was very powerful message!

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