Tell the Story Challenge

I was nominated by Renee for the Tell the Story Challenge created by The Eclectic Contrarian

There were 2 pics she gave, and I chose the one that spoke to me the most.

Here are the Rules:

Pic an image given to you, write whatever comes to you. Short, long, funny, sad….a tribute to someone, a poem, a song. Then choose some images and some nominees and keep the ball rolling.


‬‬The padlocked doors stared back at her, memories sliding down like a torenchal summer downpour. She had locked all her hurts/pains away; in the darkened forbidden space.

Over the last few weeks the hinges groaned with an unforseen force that occassionsly pushed the doors bearing against the padlock to the point of breaking.

She had chosen to hide her story, the one she couldn’t speak, she’d deal with it later. Funny thing about “later” is it will sneak up on you, that is why the old hinge doors were bulging.

She was newly married, great husband who accepted her as she was, he loved her unconditionally. She had not shared what was behind those doors.

“I’m fine,” was not working! There was a force behind the door, that was building in strength, little did she know, it was her own body that would betray her, all those hidden things were finding ways to force thier way out.

First it started with tingling hands and feet, or her upper lip quivered, then she experienced throat and chest tightening, especially on her daily outings, resulting in her feeling like she couldn’t get her breath. Air hunger was getting worse. Being around a lot of people increased feelings of being overwhelmed, the lights were suddenly too bright, noise levels seemed intensified.

At night she couldn’t sleep, suffering from restless legs, fatigue set in and she felt depleted.

A simple run to the Dollar General would be her undoing. The day started out normal, she arrived at Dollar General to pick up envelopes. As she found the envelopes, reaching out to grab off the shelf, she felt like everything went into slow motion, fear slammed into her, the noise level intensified, her upper lip quivered while her hands and feet went numb, she was in life flight mode, she had to get out, she drove o her house, her legs felt like Jell-O upon standing, it was like walking in ocean water against the tide. Where was her breath she couldn’t catch her breath, she started gulping for air in desperate need, tears flowed down her face soaking her shirt already wet from breaking out in a cold sweat. Then pain slammed into her left arm radiating across her chest traveling up her neck into her jaw, my God was she having a heart attack, nausa rose in her throat, her stomach convulsed turbalent like an oil drill exploding. She tried to get to the front door, saw her husband exiting the house, he saw she was in trouble, he ran to her, just as he reached her those hinge doors blew wide open, the padlock flying through the air, as she fell into his arms. She had been saying she was fine for so long , it just wasn’t true, out of the hinged doors came her truth. She was sad , depressed, scared living in fear, grieving the death of her adult brother, her living brother addicted to drugs causing division and dsyfunction within the large family unit, dealing with his overdoses, violent erratic behavior, manipulation of thier elderly parents, Everytime she found a way to help him family turned on her scapegoating her, family traditions diminished, for fear of retaliation or harm to thier families. Family connections disappeared, no one visited the parents as the addicted son ran the house. The son took advantage of his parents and the parents unknowing enabled his drug addiction, she lost her career, long term unemployment, her friends abandoned her, relationships suffered, she got sick, no one came to visit, her life forever changed, fights arguments, physical attacks from family, but it was her fault, because she didn’t know how to shut her mouth, your crazy, she lost everything, her home forclosed, the very ones she had helped, wouldn’t give her a sanctuary. Prayers opened doors, other family came forward to help, she felt worthless, job searches and interviews were a joke, it was like she had don’t hire stamped on her forehead, and the series of misfortunate events kept spiraling out of control, till the day a trip to the Dollar General blew the hinge doors wide open. She lay in her husband’s arms gasping for air, hyperventilating, clinging for dear life as her husband called for ambulance.

He never left her, laid beside her in hospital bed, as she rested and received medicine via an IV. As he stroked her hair he couldn’t believe how incredibly strong and brave his wife was and he was very grateful she had survived. Small anxiety attacks became a panic attack which lead to a breakdown. She had suffered in silence, because she unconditionally loved her family, believing things would get back to normal, the more she did, the worse she felt. When she opened her eyes he just hugged her and slowly she began to talk and he just listened. Now it was time to take care of her and as she talked the hinged doors crumbled and fell apart.

Please seek professional help if you are facing, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or misfortunate events in life. It’s ok to say I’m stuck and I need help. Self Care is #1. Blessings! You are loved more than you know.


I nominate:



And whoever else would like to join in! The more the merrier! 🤗

Nominee’s please choose one of the two pics below to write about as a story, poem however you are lead.


31 thoughts on “Tell the Story Challenge

  1. This truly is an amazing, bittersweet, and beautiful story!!! One brave woman who stood strong till God said it was enough. And then He brought healing to her soul when the padlock broke and the door blew open!! I love the way you used a padlocked door for the symbol of the things in her life that she hid behind closed doors. How many can identify with this?…anxiety, depression and family issues?! 🙋‍♀️ This touched me deeply!!! Thanks so much for sharing friend!

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