I Am Who I Am!

I am writing this tonight thinking there is someone out in this world who is hurting from toxic affirmations .


Perhaps you are struggling to see the good in yourself. People have beaten you down many times by toxic words that become labels, which attach to your mind and soul stripping away self-love confidence, or esteem. You have inhaled false labels into the depths of your soul. What are false labels, or toxic words of affirmation? Can you recognize them?

These words are spoken from enemies, family and friends. These toxic names are spoken over people who are unaware that there is life and death in the tongue.

You need to rebuke these labels of toxic affirmations. In Jesus name I rebuke false labels causing health, family, marital, sanity, verbal, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional issues, lack of prosperity, anger, jealousy, arguing, degrading insults, meant to wound and have lasting effects which become gaping soul wounds.

I have a problem with these false labels, as I thought in my life I had to receive them because they define who I am. I want to let you know all those false labels, we have heard about ourselves and what you have heard about yourself ,are false, declared untrue!

Did you know God positively labeled you prior to your birth? He identified who you are and wrote your name on the palm of his hand. God knows everything about you including your gifts, personality, strengths, and weakness. It’s time for deliverance of false toxic labels!

Pray with me : Dear Lord I want my true identity to show through in who you created me to be, I Am Who I Am, your creation. Lord please forgive me for accepting false toxic labels, Lord your word proves I am more than a negative word spitted out to bring me destruction, I am a child of God and I humbly come to the cross. I submit and lay down these labels before you. Lord, I know you can heal all my wounds , removing every false toxic label, bringing forth my christ like idenity wrapping me in your redemptive love teaching me how to embrace positive affirmations identifying God given labels of love for myself in your word, like forgiven, beloved, my child, healed, loved, gifted, Victor, overcome, beautiful, compassionate, and cherished. (Eph. 1:7-8), secure. (Romans 8: 31-39), capable. (Phil. 4:13), valuable to God. (1 Cor. 6:20) , chosen and dearly loved. (Col. 3:12), New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), His Child (Ephesians 1:5), finally Lord I know I am who I am, your beloved creation! I am uniquely and wonderfully made, the child of a delightful father who is a King, God Almighty. In Jesus name! Amen

5 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am!

  1. This was a very informative, true, and heartfelt post! I pray we all can get past labeling people by the outside of the package! There so much beauty inside a sound if you can just see into a person’s true self! ❤️

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