Joseph was in a Pit!

Genesis 37:24 – “Joseph was thrown in a pit, by his own brothers. The brothers had no remorse.They actually sat down and ate a meal. ” I ponder over this, how could the brothers be so mean and cruel?Christians sometimes believe a person is in a pit because of sin.Yet, here clearly is Joseph, who is innocent. And he was in a pit, with no water food or blanket.I believe God allowed him to go in that pit. For what his brothers had intended for evil, God used it for good.Joseph saved his entire family during the famine, even the brothers who betrayed him. He forgave them.As Christians we cannot judge those in the pit. We must do what the WORD states:WORD- “Reach down with the right hand of love and pull thy brethen brother and sister up out of the pit, for you are to LOVE them as I have Loved you! “Joseph brothers lives changed because someone pulled Joseph out the pit. Then Joseph forgave and loved the very ones who betrayed him. Change starts with Love!💖🙏🏻

8 thoughts on “Joseph was in a Pit!

  1. I believe this with all my heart, Debbie! I sent you a link to a sermon. Get your Kleenex ready! It talked along those lines. Your post was a profound one. There are some that think because a person is in a pit, that they have sinned. When we see our brother or sister struggling in their pit, we are to help them! Sometimes all we can do is pray. That’s the best gift we can give someone!

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