Snake Dream

My recent dream had me floating down a long over grown river similar to the Amazon in a small tribal canoe. There was such beauty before my eyes I couldn’t take it all in as I gazed at the wildlife, the beautiful Macaws, Parrots, Hummingbirds witnessing wildlife in it’s natural habitat, like monkeys, lizards and reptiles, with dragonflies skimming the water as I floated downstream.

I came to this peaceful landing on the side of the river as I pulled up to the pier tying off my canoe with boat rope, I climbed up the pier began walking across the wooden planks weathered with age, stepping out onto the greenest grass, gleaming with direct beams of sunlight bouncing off the blades, as I looked down, I stopped as I saw a rather large snake slither directly across my path, two feet in front of me, surprisingly I felt no fear.

I watched it’s long body go across my path to the other side. I moved forward quickly closing the gap of two feet where the snake had crossed, and then instantly the head of the snake was hissing mere inches from my face as his body formed a standing position and those evil eyes stared into me as it turned looking me in the eye turning into a massive cobra hissing suddenly striking me.

I woke up screaming, I was terrified, crying hysterically. It took a long time to calm down. My only question was why would I dream this?

I believe sometimes dreams in our lives are warnings from God or the Angels around us, I believe angels try to warn us of danger, deception or betrayal that is coming, they are trying to warn us, this is my perception on how I feel.

You may feel differently but I’ve had so many incidences in my life where I’ve had a dream that forewarned me of something that was coming and it helped prepare me and this dream was no exception this dream was right on target.

Betrayal came, so did my anger and disbelief. I can’t even explain how I feel or the numbness. I completely went off after what I felt were continual wrong acts against those I Love. When I finally sought the Lord, crying out my heart. I was reminded of Joseph who was betrayed by his brothers, and instead of revenge Joseph chose to love his betrayers and saved them from famine.

Be careful of your words and actions, they cannot be revoked, forgiven yet never forgotten.

I’m still walking through this storm. I’m reminded of Ephesians 6:12 and I’m daily giving it to God as I daily fight my flesh. I choose to believe Love will win. Prayers welcomed. 😭

19 thoughts on “Snake Dream

  1. Debbie, I have been gone for a while but want you to know I dropped a prayer in the Father lap for you after I read your post. I don’t dream much but I get impressions in my heart that usually come out exactly what was impressed on me. God gives me great insight into things also so that I can be a help to them. I pray God gives you wisdom on this issue and courage to follow through on what ever you know is true.

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  2. I’m praying for you Debbie! Dreams certainly do warn us of things to come. One time, I kept having the same dream, and sure enough it happened. All we can do is seek His face through our trials and even to overcome our weaknesses. Love you sweet friend! 🙏🙏🙏

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