The Empty Plate!

My angel statues sits quietly under my tree holding a plate above his little cherub head. My angel is in the position of walking forward, perhaps by faith, yet the look on the Angels face shows determination even though his plate is empty, the angel carries it forward to a great gathering as if it is laden with fruits, gifts and promises.I can reflect with my little angel, through my trials have emptied my plate,I continue onward walking in faith believing God’s promises that he will feel my plate overflowing with gifts and all those promises.The Walk of faith is hard, I am alone, I want to stop and just give up, a force greater than I pushes me onward, when the fiery trails scorch me exhausted lying in the sand.I rollover, I rise and I get up, its the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Why do I rise,isn’t it all lost, isn’t everyone gone.I rise, in my faith believing in a loving God who has molded me, loved me, never left me, for in his word Jeremiah 29:11; God proclaims” for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future!”God has a purpose for our suffering and the greatest growth comes through persevering our way through our trials, not escaping them.When God’s children learn how to navigate the trails, to persevere in the suffering, then we find the joy we have waited and longed for during our plights.I gaze at my little angel. I am reminded that even though my plate is currently empty, God has a purpose for my suffering and as my little angel is moving onward in faith, I too, must move forward in faith, for who but God can reward the determination of perseverence, filling my plate full with all his promises and gifts.As this thought flows through my conscious, I roll over, spit out the sand of false accusations, I lift myself and I arise, shaking myself off, removing all the dust of attacks as my enemies pushed me down, with açcusations against my character and integrity. I arise, shaking off my sandals, dusting my feet, against the “un-welcomeness” I arise and move forward, adjusting my own crown, given to me by my father in heaven, lifting my plate high above my head, with as arms supported by God’s strenght, carrying my empty plate, waiting for it to be filled once more by a God who is a Good of promise. I rejoice and walk forward in faith determined like my little angel to move forward into a blessed future.Blessings, In Jesus Name!

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