Saw-Dust in Me!

A childhood memory things my dad built




me sitting in the sawdust

watching you build,

a master crafter of anything wood,

me sitting in the sawdust

visions in my head,

Things I’d build




Hope Chest

Me sitting in Sawdust

Wanting to learn,

Silly girl, this is for men.

I yearn for all the beautiful things,I would have built, in my head!

As a master crafter, just like dad, sitting in the sawdust yearning to learn.

This could be the end of a yearning, a desire to learn, a craft that died with you.

Yet, I still choose to learn, things made by the hands are more valued to have than you can imagine, passed down generations to come.

Today, I dream I am a master-crafter of wood, just like the little girl who watched you all those years ago , me sitting in Saw-Dust.

5 thoughts on “Saw-Dust in Me!

    1. My mom has good and bad days. 😪 Mom misses him very much. With dementia, she forgets, and then remembers and the shock is just like the first time. It is hard on all. Thank you for caring and asking! ,💓💯

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  1. I sooo lovvvved this Debbie!!! What a wonderful tribute to your dad and a longing to be more like him. It reminded me of times with my own dad. I can so relate-I would watch my dad work on vehicles and ask if he would teach me to mechanic. I guess mechanic-ing was for boys, too. 😢


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