Prayer of Faith

Tonight, Let’s Pray for God to strenghten our roots in faith deep like the redwood trees, that Rivers of Living water would flow in us and through us, not stagnate like a pond, that in the midst of chaos and confusion we shall walk with confidence, eyes focused on our Lord, that we yet while in battle cleaving to our sword, renew our strenght from our savior. Knowing God fights for us , truly loves us, and even will cover us to hide us for such a time, as now. Do not be amazed, that your very needs are meet by an all knowing loving God, yes he sees, God is with us, call on him, cry out to him, for God listens for your cry, I believe God fights for us and has since the beginning of time. God is Love, merciful by our sides, he will not forsake you. God loves you.Tonight I pray Psalms 27 over you!

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