Giving up isn’t an option!

“DON”T EVER GIVE UP!” God sees all, hears all, God counts your tears and he saves your tears to wipe himself. I’ve learned hurt people hurt people. There is evil in this world.

Yet,  there is oh so much goodness and beauty before our eyes, that we can’t see, because the pain clouds our vision.

My heart is continually being trampled on as I write this, how many times will people jump up and down on your heart without regard to the destruction they are causing.

I’m a fighter. A survivor, an over-comer. I will soar on wings like an eagle. I am the child of a king, who died, so I could have life and have it abundantly!

I keep reminding myself my fight isn’t with the flesh of my love ones, my fight is with an enemy older than time, a fallen angel who comes disguised as light, whose main agenda is to destroy families using weapons of mass destruction.

My enemy thinks he has me defeated. I’m not handling my latest war with much grace. I was attacked on all sides.  I stood alone and in disbelief, persecuted, my character dragged through the mud, my integrity morals and values ripped apart, to be made to appear and look worthless. I was threatened verbally, mentally and physically. Then came threats dealing with my security.

Backed into a corner, I came out fighting, I lost control, I said and did things I cant take back. I felt pushed in that corner with no choice but to fight, never have I been attacked like this and it wasn’t just a “me” situation, my closest love ones felt the heat and attacks too.

My claws came out, I stood up and looked around, and guess what , I am not alone!!! My daddy heard me cry out!! My Abba’s got my back and my family!!  You done made daddy mad, Hear his ROAR!!! Jesus this battle is all yours, wrap us safely in your arms, I trust you!!




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