My Light Still Shines!

My Testimony -By: Debra Jones

My Little Light is Going to Shine!

It was on a cold day in November 2003, under the anointed preaching of Pastor Willouby, whose sermon was titled “Have you ever thanked God?” when a Southern Baptist woman was slain in the spirit, while visiting the UPCI in NC. Now don’t worry she wasn’t dead, as a matter of fact God was doing a work in her as she lay on the carpet.

I can only attest to this true account because that woman is me and this is my story. I clearly remember the sermon, and Pastor Willouby asking “Have you ever thanked God?” That question just got a hold of me, I had to stop and really think. “Had I ever thanked Jesus for all he had done for me?” I began to slide down the pew, as people stood up to go in the aisle to what they were calling an alter call. I was terrified, I couldn’t imagine standing up in front of all these people. I was shaking, and trying very hard not to cry. My crutches were under the pew and I slid them with my foot as I slid down the pew. The crutches were to help me walk without falling as I had permanent sciatic nerve damage from a recent automobile wreck. I was scared to go into the aisle, I prayed and stuck my big toe into the aisle, and said “Thank you Jesus! The next thing I knew I was standing up in that aisle and as I gazed up to the alter, above that Pastor’s head I saw beautiful translucent clear water flow down like a river and divide going down over each and every person in that aisle before me. I knew that the people in front of me were getting a blessing and I was going to get mine too, I was so excited, I continued looking up and that beautiful water washed over me and down I went to the floor, I was experiencing what is called *slain in the spirit,” How long I was there on the floor, I honestly do not know, yet when I opened my eyes I sat up and I asked “What in the world was that?” A woman standing above me shouted “That’s Jesus!” I looked up at her and said “Whatever that was, I need more of it! That lady said “Honey you stand up right here and we’ll pray you through, so you get the Holy Ghost!” I jumped up off that floor and this shy woman, me, began to praise God with all her might, and I felt the spirit of God as it came down upon me and my tongue was no longer my own, and I began to speak in a language I had never spoken. I was later told I had spoken in tongues, by a woman that was there and that I had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit . My life has never been the same.


I entered as a Baptist and I left after a profound Godly experience a totally different person than what I had been when I entered church earlier that morning. I was on fire for God, my own mama could not shut me up about my experience. I was like a 220 light bulb that glowed brightly. I just had to tell anyone and everyone, about what Jesus has done for me. Seven days later on Pearl Harbor day, I was baptized in “Jesus” name!!!! My family thought I was crazy and I lost some friends. The unique experience of being healed of sciatic pain was that it took me two weeks to realize I was walking without my crutches that I had left my crutches under the pew. I was so wrapped up in telling my story of the living water, I had yet to realize I had been healed. I never went back for my crutches. God had healed me.

After my profound experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit, I wrote a poem about the “Rivers of Living Water,” it was my first inspired writing. I have been writing blogs and articles when led or inspired for twelve years. During this time came the first storm, the second storm, the third storm, and they kept coming, it was relentless. During the storms I was rejected, abandoned, persecuted, lost and at times alone, I was betrayed and falsely called backslidden. Twelve years of storms, and yes, my 220 light bulb diminished, yet I couldn’t stop telling people about Jesus Christ, even when I no longer had a way to church. I needed the word of God, desperate for some “Living Water”, my voice still worked and I used it to tell my testimony. Never doubt there is power in your testimony. I learned to count it all joy and “Yes, Thank Jesus.”

Now I understand my journey a little better, the enemy was trying to take away the Holy Ghost in me, (He can’t, I belong to God) by snuffing out my light, with one storm after another. Tonight, I stand, as I draw a line in the sand, completely around me and my family, pleading the blood of Jesus. I give God all the praise and glory, for he never left me, nor did he ever forsake me. I claim in Jesus name that my little light is going to shine, it is much brighter and bigger than I could ever imagine. Shinning onward!

I challenge you today, if you feel your light has diminished, or if your light is flickering, or you are feeling defeated look around you, push your plug deep into the word of God. Satan is deceiving you. Satan doesn’t have the power to touch or destroy the light placed in you by God. Praise God, he gets the glory, Praise God for it all, and your little light will glow once more bigger and brighter than you ever imagined!!!! What an awesome God we serve. Blessings!



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9 thoughts on “My Light Still Shines!

  1. Awesome testimony!! I’ve witnessed such many church services like that! Where the Lord showed up and showed out! And we welcomed it!!

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