Mercy, the only way out!

Oh how she had tried to help him, the prayers, tears, faith, believing for the miracle, the day he would be free of his addiction to pain pills.

She remembered her mothers belly being large with child, and the day he was brought home, she felt such a connection to him because he was similar to her in that they shared the same coloring.

Along with her mom , she excitedly unwrapped that blanket, counting ten toes and ten fingers, and he gazed into her eyes and she knew she loved him , forever, her sweet blue eyed little brother.

Throughout childhood, she protected him the best she could, one day he fell, she was too far away, to catch him,  he fell hitting his head in the corner of their concrete porch, blood everywhere, mom swooping him up , rushing off to the doctors. Stitches, permanent right eye damage , which lead to blindness.

Oh how the little girl cried, if only she had caught him……

Birthdays come and go, he is getting so much bigger, another baby is on the way.

Running, playing, Cowboy and Indian days, childlike joy and laughter all the way!

Courageous dares, she stayed home that day,  brother jumping off dog house, over the mean dog, would he make it to the other side?

Screams  and cry’s, holy mother who died, brother is hurt come quick….

Two Bones sticking out of his leg , blood , ambulance, surgery, cast for few years

Leg permanently damaged, walks with a limp

Oh how the little girl cried, if only she had caught him……….

School years came, bullies at their game, she kept him safe, then away to older kids school, he had to go alone, and the bullies came…….

Marijuana, smoking joints was easier than being beat up by a stick

Oh how the little girl cried, if only she had caught him………..

She swore the drugs were a lie, don’t take , they will make you die!

Brother you are my best friend, I want you to have life!

Then came the lies, manipulation , stealing as if there was no sky

She remembers the day he almost died, falling two stories compacting his spine

Oh how freely they gave those pills, as if they were free for all to dine

She gave brother love, compassion empathy , money , car , cloths, food

Oh how the little girl cried, if only she had caught him…..

One day she said No, and all hell broke loose and began to unfold

She was crazy, a liar, no good, worthless piece of sh$t, no better than dirt

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!

Brother your words hurt deeply, some cannot even be put into print

Oh how her heart shattered into a million different splints, as those words became sticks

She barely remembers any good times, yet each time you walk in its like she took a direct hit.

Walking on eggshells, being told to forgive and forget, master manipulator turning all against her when all she tried to do was be there for you

Oh how the little girl cries, if she only caught him……..

Not understanding she couldn’t save him

Only one could do that, erase his pain , begin again

The little girl stopped crying, let her hands down

It wasn’t her job to catch him

yet to love him enough to walk away

she rebuked the feelings and thoughts of revenge

it just wasnt her way

she could still see him in the blanket, ten toes, ten fingers, red curly hair

oh how she loves him to this day, a baby boy, grown into a man

trusting in the true master

to  save the day because MERCY was the only way!

Prayer for Chains to be Broken-Rebuking Addictions!



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