MERCY in your Words!

Proverbs 18:21 New International Version (NIV)

21 The tongue has the power of life and death,
    and those who love it will eat its fruit.


How do we fight the enemy? It is not our family, neighbors, friends, co-workers we wage war against, it is an enemy as old as time. The enemy’s tactics have not change.

I have thought  for many years that I didn’t know how to fight the enemy, I cried out to God, begging, asking, seeking trying to figure out , how do I defeat the one who tries to defeat me at every turn, my family, friends the ones who I love. Not only is this enemy wagging war on me , he is wagging war on you.

The enemy fights us through the following

  • Persistence – satan wear down believers.
    • Comes at you with same thing over and over
  • Deception – satan is Father of all lies.
    • Lies all originate from the enemy with a whisper  not the deliver of the lie.
  • Slander & Gossip – satan will use slander & gossip against God and you.
    • You must learn not to be offended, not to engage and to walk away. The way you fight this isn’t to respond , you must be silent, God will fight this for you.
  • False Teachings – satan knows the word and will use it against you- YOU must learn &  know the Word of God. Or how to search for truth.
  • Psychological Warfare -satan uses Fear & Discouragement to wear you out. Any sources or people who send these two arenot of God.
  • Attacking after a Victory – satan will attack after a victory- you remain on high alert. Cover, Cover, Cover yourself in prayer, and have others binding in prayer with you.
  • Compromise – satan uses this as his worst weapon, as it spreads, removes the blessing and intimacy of God. If you think you have compromised repent and seek God, he is just and quick to forgive, Gods mercy covers you.

The battles in our land have been intense, I will give no power to the enemy in writing about the acts , actions, words or things brought against me, as I choose to demolish, cancel , rebuke and void every negative word or curse ever spoken over me and my family and friends, and this land through the word of God.

I believe WORDS have Power, just like I believe WORD of GOD is POWERFUL, STRONG, TRUTHFUL

Mercy is the only Way Out! Show Mercy, Give Mercy, Share Mercy

  • Trust in God, Do not Fear!
  • Pray for others, even your enemies!
  • Think the best of everyone
  • Don’t judge- Come up with three positive  affirmation on that person.
  • Forgive the person or persons who have wronged you. Forgiveness is for you.
  • Volunteer
  • Feed the hungry- food donations, volunteer at food banks
  • Cloth the poor- donate anything you don’t need to those in need.
  • Give rides to those wanting to attend church
  • Visit the sick, imprisoned.

Make up a list of a good deed to do , when you have been wronged, good always overcomes evil!!

Speak words of life over yourself and loved ones, take hurts pain to God, in seeking counsel , do not repeat words of negativity, do not give them power, you can say I was gossip about, his words tore my heart,  the lies offend me , seek prayer.

God showed us Mercy and we should be showing Mercy as his children!

Are you in various trials? Showing Mercy may be the only way out!

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6 thoughts on “MERCY in your Words!

  1. This really helped me Debbie! Each and every word! Sometimes from being done wrong for so long, we can become numb, so to speak. Mercy is ALWAYS the best way! I think that’s what God is trying to show us all. He gave ALL for us, He washed Peter’s feet so we are to wash others feet—it’s all about having mercy! Thank you so much for this! Your posts have made me cry here lately my friend! Call me tomorrow, please. We need to catch up!

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    1. I will definitely call you tomorrow, Lord willing, if my writings are stirring emotions, I give all glory to God, for he is leading me on this journey, in that I may leave the numbness behind, and feel alive again, abundantly and whole, I share in Hopes that someone along the way is set free through journey with Christ leading us all!!!

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  2. Amen and Amen! He comes in SO many ways! And the one’s you listed is the truth! He’s been using my family A LOT these days but God continues to fights for me! 🙂 I have no fear. I just take it to God in prayer and so far God is fighting for me. I will continue to practice to treat them with mercy as our Father. Luke 6:36. Be merciful as your Father is merciful. Blessings!

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    1. The battles have been hard in my family too! For the first time , I couldn’t feel my love, for them , even though I knew I loved them. Like the song the war consumed us, and the only way out is MERCY, FORGIVENESS and LOVE! I speak Family, Connection, Breakthough and Miracles for us all!

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      1. Yessssss this is so true! I can attest to that as well. I felt so cold and bitter towards them at times but I said this is not how God wants me to respond. I need to reflect His character of grace, mercy, love, compassion and forgiveness. So I repented and I try my best to show them that daily but it’s still a challenge but God is really helping me to and I’m happy. Amen! We all receive it in Jesus name! ❤ love you! Blessings & strength!

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