The Moonlight Blogger Award

Thank You Renee at “Heart Tokens!”

I met Renee on Everyone Apostolic ten years ago, she is a dear true  unmet friend. I thank Renee from bottom of my heart for thinking of me for this awesome new award nomination!

Your blog is a TOKEN of LOVE poured out every time you write. The words I LOVE YOU  can be said  everyday , yet without action they are empty tossed in the air, yet there are some unique individuals, like you,  who share a Token of LOVE, by sharing their own hearts  with their journey, showing that LOVE is an action.

Renee at “Heart Tokens” shows the best kind of LOVE the LOVE God gave us, the day at Calvary. Renee you share Gods Love, the beauty of his Holy Spirit! You are an inspiration and testament to God’s Amazing Grace and Oh, how your Big Bright Light Shines!

Your writings have always  “moved” me, and I’m pretty sure others feel it, too, May your  gifts and talents continue to reach, shine and thrive! Oh I am so glad you stepped out and shared your Love with us all, may more and more step forward, uniting together, Shining the Love of Jesus! I wait in anticipation for each post!

Here are the guidelines:

1. Thank the person who presented you with the award.

2. Display the original award image as your featured image and include it in your post.

3. Copy and paste the meaning of the award:

The meaning of the Moonlight Blogger Award, created byPurple Rose andDollfaced Writer, is to recognize bloggers who illuminate the lives of their readers. The bloggers presented with this award pour their passion into the content they share with their readers, who are deeply inspired. This award acknowledges the impact of their written words as they have the power to illuminate the darkest of places, just like the moonlight.

4. Answer the five prompts listed.

5. Present the award to one person.

Here are the prompts:

1. Share one thing you love about yourself that you wouldn’t change.

My LOVE for Jesus, my ongoing growing relationship with the Lord, letting go of fears and just relying on and trusting God, he is my best friend!

2. Share two of your favorite quotes: I love these two from Maya Angelo!


3. Give 3 reasons why you write:

  1. At times I am compelled, I have to write.
  2. I am stirred, based on emotion or events.
  3. I absolutely feel I am supposed to write, I love to write.

4. Give 4 pieces of advice for other bloggers.

  1. Write from your heart. Be your true self.
  2. Encourage another writer to share or start a blog
  3. Use WordPress its free
  4. Write first, then edit, as stopping may break the flow of the words coming forth.

5. List 5 things/places/people that inspire you and wrote why you chose them.

  1. God and His Word.
  2. My Dads Office, I love to sit at his desk, Ive been using it since his death in May!
  3. Others inspire me to write, I hope by sharing my thoughts and what I am learning it will in turn perhaps encourage or uplift someone who is in need of Hope, Kind Word or a friend!
  4. Friends
  5. Love

I am giving this award to Nicole at Trophy of Grace.

Nicole,  I absolutely LOVE your Blog, it reminds me of the book Eat, Pray and Love!

Your post are written from the heart and definitely touched mine. Your sweet reminders of God’s LOVE fuels me, and I love reading your recipes, as I too struggle with weight and autoimmune issues, yet our God is a healer. Very grateful for prayer requests and posts on prayer. Your heart-felt beauty and life-changing posts, wisdom, humor, beauty inside and out, prayers are a rare trait in this world! Nicole you “Always” shine for Jesus!

There are so many out there who I hope will get this award soon, as well! God Bless!

8 thoughts on “The Moonlight Blogger Award

  1. 😭😭 Thank you for your sweet words my friend! 💜 I do truly love you and am so thankful we met and for your friendship! I loved your answers! That’s the way I get with writing. I’m glad you are doing what you love to do! Keep penning your heart! 🌻🥰

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