Thursday Thoughts!

Hello-  Thank you for reading my Blog!

Wow, I just saw I have close to 90 followers. I am Super Excited and grateful that you read my thoughts on my blog!

I thought maybe we could share a little something about ourselves, as if we were at a coffee shop,  thinking hmmmm…..what would we talk about?

So here goes, if you haven’t already figured it out, I LOVE JESUS, I write to encourage others and myself, at times I feel compelled to write and then there are times I need to write and cant find the words…writers block, frustrating.

I am a little quirky, eccentric, introverted yet even I get lonely for human companionship, we all need friends, maybe to have coffee,  share thoughts,  lift and encourage one another. Point is we are all made to want connections.Maybe, just maybe, we are more alike than we can probably imagine.

Well I love to garden, the feel of dirt in my hands, mapping out a garden design, planting beautiful flowers. I am amazed at the flowers that grow in my garden, I learned from the best, my mom, in my opinion. My mom says if you kiss every plant before you put it in the ground, to show it LOVE, the seeds will spread creating an amazing garden.

That is what I hope for my Blog, that I create an Amazing garden! Here are some pics of my flowers: Hope you share back in comments section !

Have a Great Thursday!

13 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts!

  1. As independent as we think we are, we’re made to be social. It’s a blessing and an aggravation lol!!

    You, ma’am, have an awesome green thumb!

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      1. I actually do too! I have a thing for bromeliads and ferns. Bromeliads because they’re just different and hard to kill (IMO) and ferns, above any other plants have a personality! They love water and seem to enjoy you talking to them!

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        1. The trick is an avid successful gardener must press his or hers thumb to yours and you recite” I give you the gift of a green thumb , whatever you grow shall thrive and thrive abundantly, ” Then the gardener gives you one of their plants “Free” to start you on your way! Passing the Gift!

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