Saturday Thoughts!

“Your in my thoughts and prayers!

This is a very comforting phrase given to others in times of hardship and loss. People hear this saying when going through difficult times, on cards or verbally, it’s a good thing to hear, yet it just kind of leaves the person hearing it hanging….

Where is the action of LOVE, COMPASSION, EMPATHY?

We as Christian’s tend to overuse this phrase, when possibly we are gasping to say the right thing to another who is suffering or going through a crisis or financial hardships.Finding words to comfort another is a difficult task, as in certain times words just don’t cut it, a human needs more…………….

It is overwhelming for someone suffering to rationalize asking for help when faced with an overwhelming crisis.

Those words just float over someone suffering, even when well intended.

My thoughts are ….

It’s “Great” to be in someone thoughts, knowing the person is thinking of you and all you are enduring,  while trying to overcome a crisis, knowing someone cares enough to get on their knees and earnestly praying for you.

The church knows the power of prayer. The lost don’t know the power of prayer. Unity comes through action from LOVE. Love is a universal lanuage a verb intended to show action to believers and non believers.

The church must reach deeper, as the word “LOVE” is a verb, a word of action. How do we apply “LOVE?”  Saying it to another shows me they care about others. Yet let me add a little salt, if someone is in your thoughts, maybe adding a little action to those thoughts by putting actions to your thoughts, reaching out and showing a valued person who is in your thoughts, what needs can you help them address. Maybe you could cook  a meal and deliver dinner, help with yard work, provide gas card, pay their light bill, every little action helps those in overwhelmed situations. It could be as simple as a hug, visit, or just listening.

Recently there was a story on local news stating a gentleman had gotten behind on paying his HOA dues for his subdivision. Per HOA department he was subsequently evicted from his home by HOA bylaws. Someone said “He is in our thoughts and prayers,” a few days later I saw an update on the story, someone started a go fund me page, raising all the money needed, to get this man back in his home. The second person had this man in his thoughts, he prayed, then took action. Crisis over!

A woman going through hardships, found it hard to discuss her financial situation fearing judgement from friends and family, it’s not easy to admit to hard times. A person at church observed this woman was struggling and wanted to help. The woman was in their thoughts, causing them to pray, then the person got with others, kept the woman anonymous, asking for donations to help out. That Sunday she slipped prepaid credit cards, for cell, food, cloths and gas in the woman’s bible with a big red bow, so it would be discovered. The woman was in shock and blessed. She wasn’t even sure how someone knew as she never spoke her situation. Yet someone observed, prayed then acted. Crisis Over!

A woman just had a mastectomy,  feeling alone, scared and betrayed. Overwhelmed in a fog, not processing events, her husband had walked out, leaving her prior to her diagnoses, she lost her job, then the state took away without warning the little unemployment she received, her home was foreclosed, there was little to eat, getting to appointments were nearly impossible the woman felt defeated. She had gotten cards, that read ” you are in our thoughts and prayers” no one came to visit, she was hungry, she gave all her processions, belongings and furniture to a local church to help recent victims of a tornado, she had no money to pay for storage, it felt good to help others in their need. When she prayed,  she wondered where her help would come from, where were her friends, family? She never asked why…………….. God saw her, covered her and provided for all her needs. In the midst of her own crisis, overwhelmed, she saw the needs of others and gave all she had to give, putting action in LOVE.

I will close here, hoping that in the future, you are able to keep others going through hard situation, that they are kept in our thoughts, praying for them always , stepping forward , taking action to help in any way possible!



13 thoughts on “Saturday Thoughts!

  1. I was reminded of a older couple in our church who are house bound right now. All week I had fleeting thoughts of going to visit them but sad to say I failed to do so. Oh I had the time because I have the time to write this comment and surf other blogs. Thank you for the convicting post.

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  2. When things happen, I really don’t know what to say. I feel like I’d probably say something the person has heard too many times and it becomes a cliche… actions speak louder than words. Though I don’t know what to say, I pray and if at all, I share any comfort I can.

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