Happy Places

Today I needed to feel a burst of inspiration. My soul thrives to write words that touch people, letting them know they are loved. Then as I tried to pull thoughts and words together, I felt the horrors of writers block, my mind went blank. Then negative thoughts swirled around in my brain, telling me my words mean nothing, no one cares, who will read my perceptions and thoughts, who will take time to hear my voice. Just to listen. Maybe that’s the real problem, as a race, we are not listening, just running wide open.

I need the actions of those around me  to be compassionate, empathic, caring, loving, sincere, understanding. I need to feel action of Love, to have a genuine smile, an embrace, a hug so tight I can barely breath. I need time with my loved ones, a good family dinner, filled with laughter, joy, hope, love, faith flowing over us, to be on the other side of these hard situations.

I need quality time with my my child’s family ,my precious grandchildren, who are loved more than they know. I miss them to my core, so close yet far away. Grateful for face-time, texting, just not the same as a real visit, face to face.

To thrive, I need time; time to be alone, to feel my feet touch the grass of the earth, dig my toes in warm sand, feel the coolness of the ocean breeze, the warmth of sun on my face. I need a good book that smells like an ancient library, when opened dust falls off, my hands being first to read it in ages. I want to sit and have coffee with a friend or walk out on the deck stare at the heavens, to gaze upon majestic stars, laid by a creator as an afterthought.

My “Happy Place” is first spiritual, it holds my faith, my foundation and love. Second it is my center of hope expressed by writing, designing, planning, building my dreams. Lastly, it’s the strength that holds me together, it’s the place, I go to to pray, talk, scream, sob, let it all out, it’s my place of safety, to forgive and arise.

Maybe it re-starts right here,  I need to love me first, take care of myself, so that I can thrive.  I take back my “Happy Place” my life. Now, I go to my happy places, spiritually and physically that will regroup, rejuvenate, allow me to rise. ….. My faith the beginning.

The physical happy places I like to go are church, thrift stores, parks, oceans, lakes, libraries, front porches and believe it or not, I love Whole Foods, its an adventure. $$$

Praying you find your own “Happy Places” spiritually and physically.




16 thoughts on “Happy Places

  1. What a beautiful post. Just popped on for a bit. I am really trying to take a break from social media for awhile but my son and I are checking over some of our sites today figuring out how to get an online shop going and I decided to spend a little time on the blog today. All your happy places sound wonderful. Some of them I even call my Happy places. I guess my favorite places are always those places where love ones are by my side sharing the adventure with me. I also spend a lot of time in my little garden area here in the city. When I get visits from wild doves, butterflies, bees, an occasional feral cat will jump over our fence and dragonflies will fly down to take a dip in the pool…these are all things that make me happy. I always tell my family these little simple things that feel our hearts with joy are gifts from God. It is so peaceful out there in the garden early in the morning, just love the quietness of it all. Have a great summer and thank you so much for stopping by for a visit to my site. So glad, now I can read your posts. It is hard keeping up with all the bloggers, and there are some really nice people out there. Stay safe out there and God Bless you.

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    1. Wow, I an honored, thank you for sharing your thoughts and happy places with me. My family is several hours away..😔, we will be seeing each other soon. I love watching bees and butterflies, had alot of butterflies this year on the blooms. Hi I or you our summer is wonderful, I am looking forward to autumn. My favorite season.


  2. I love this. I use to always allow others to be my happy place and then realized that it’s up to me. Thank you for making me think this morning!

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    1. Hi Mandi, it was a hard lesson for me to learn, I was giving away my inner power, loosing myself, till it was all gone. Givers have that tendency. Turning it around was learning I could choose Joy, giving it freely to myself. Building up in Happy Place, we have to recharge. We are worthy 💞! Thank you for reading my post😁 Blessings


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