Friday Thoughts!

Hello Readers and Bloggers!

I was thinking about the bible, how much the word of God means to me personally, while my memories led me back in time to my first time seeing a bible, opening it and looking inside.

My parents didn’t discuss faith much, nor did we attend church together often as a family. Yet there was always this “Big White Book” in our house which  I was fascinated with before I could read.

I was pulled to this book, opening it running my fingers over the pages, knowing there was a treasure , just not sure how to get it.

The “Beautiful Pictures” drew me as well, that were inside the bible. Oh, how I remember studying those pictures.

Now , that I am older, I see how God planted the seed for me to know his word.

I write this to encourage all that are in this world, to say , well its the best book I ever read! It changed my life!

Reading can be a little scary, not written like most books, yet if you pray before you open it, God will reveal his truth , to you in a way you can understand.

The more I read, the more that I feel was revealed. Then I did bible studies and devotions!

Here is a link to the bible study / devotion app I use, I love it.

The Bible App

If you don’t have a bible, call a few churches and ask if they have donations of a bible. Great versions are King James, NIV, AMP, MSG.

Then there are parallel bibles 4 in 1, which helps me a lot, to gain understanding.

Just open a bible, and begin an adventure you will never forget, this book is life, it has breath, rivers of living water flow from its pages, a story that captivates you, pulls you in to lead you to TRUTH!

Blessings on your journey!




3 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts!

  1. I was the same way Debbie! I will never forget…Daddy had this huge black family bible that had the best artistic paintings in it. I can remember Jonah and the great fish! Growing up, Daddy got that bible out and read it faithfully, chapter after chapter on Sunday’s. He and Mom had stopped going to church before I was born. Daddy watched Jimmy Swaggard and Oral Roberts on Sundays. I can remember being so curious and looking inside the pages of that precious book….It still amazes me today! 💕

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