My Fight With Shrubs!

I’m standing here in the front yard feeling blessed. Why?

Well, it’s hot in the south, I borrowed my neighbors electric hedge trimmer with good intentions of trimming my mother’s hedges and bushes. I’ve been at it two hours, it’s hard work.

I’m dressed head to toe like Farmer Brown, long checkered shirt, yoga pants, t shirt and hat. That hedger can really cut limbs, debris evidence is all over sidewalk. I was ok until I realized, I can’t lift the hedger up high, above past my shoulders, as my muscles went weak, then my arms gave out, I just can’t do it. The reason is due to my double mastectomy five years ago.

I’m sure someone will find fault with my efforts. Folks around here tend to see negative.

Yet, I stand here today, and I rejoice in my healing, scars and tears that God healed me. I am most grateful for this day the Lord has given me!

Don’t ever take things for granted, God takes care of the Giants, so we can handle the little stuff.

PS- I must confess when I saw the giant brown recluse spider, my intentions to try again went way South😜🤪🙄😬😱💯

Blessings 🙏💞❣️💞

2 thoughts on “My Fight With Shrubs!

  1. A great post! Girl you gone be sore tomorrow! 😱 I loved that statement you made about letting God take care of the giants… profound….And I’m glad you were able to enjoy getting out and doing yard work. That was awesome! I’m also glad for the healing from all you have been through. Those haters will continue to hate…because that’s….well… just what they do, but now the praisers gotta do what they gotta do! Keep praising my friend! Much love and big hugs! 💜💕🤗

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