“Forgive” Is A Verb!

Proverbs 28:1 says, “the wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions.” So, let us not run away from darkness in fear but towards it with a holy boldness. ROAR with courage! This Forgiveness thing is hard, I want to encourage you, that you can do this!!

The word “Forgive” is a verb, surprisedly not a feeling. When someone hurts us, God commands us to forgive, so we may be forgiven.

You might thinking “What…..I have to forgive, when I was offended, hurt or betrayed or even victimized.” Sounds crazy, right?

I know it’s hard, you don’t even feel it, yet once you say “I forgive them God,” a healing starts inside you based on faith.

Well here is the truth and good news you need to know, the gift of forgiveness is for you, the person who was offended, hurt, betrayed and victimized. The gift of forgiveness doesnot release the one who hurt you, forgiveness , even if you don’t feel it, releases you, avoiding bitterness and the faith to move forward. God steps in, beginning the healing of your emotions and soon, you feel the peace of God in your soul.

Have you come to the cross and found your gift of forgiveness?

12 thoughts on ““Forgive” Is A Verb!

  1. This is so true my friend! Forgiveness the other person is for us. If not, like you said, bitterness sets in. I have been there before—not a good place. I look back and see that it totally changed me into someone I didn’t even know! I’m so glad that God deliverers me of that root! I prey someone reads this post and doesn’t have to walk down that road of bitterness! I’m praying for you my friend, that God takes care of all, and you can release this into God’s loving hands!🙏🏼🙂💜🤗

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