Having A Rough Day?

Are things not going the way you planned today? Are you in midst of various trials?

All of us are going through unexpected events or things like relationship issues, separation, divorce, job loss, health issues, death of love one, custody issues, abuse, addictions, homelessness, attacks on our beliefs, morals, values and ethics, our very integrity.  These various assaults can leave you feeling hopeless. I personally have gone through many of these trials. I just want you to know there is HOPE!

Don’t focus on the problem, put your focus on Jesus! Below is a mild situation I went through recently, that had me stressing. Now if this had happened to me in my twenties, I’d be ranting, cussing, mad at the inconvenience. Despite what I know, I let it get to me. Yet God knew my need before I ever did, an dthis problem was more than just about the tires, there were things going on in the spiritual realm than I even perceived.

A few weeks ago, I ended up having 3 flat tires all in one week . I put air in tires, went got the tires plugged. Something this simple could have been a real problem, but a few days before a friend had blessed me with a gift of unexpected money due to the fact she knows I’m currently jobless and caring for my mother. All my friend said was that it was put on her heart to help me. My attitude about the tires were “Thank you Lord, for showing me the tires were flat, before driving my vehicle, thank you Lord my tires didn’t blow out while driving.”

Unknowingly, I would soon be traveling several stats away on a long  trip to rescue a husband and wife with four children from a bad situation, to take them to safety. Remember, I have no money, I’m broke as a two dollar bill. I received another gift of money,  which purchased 3 new tires, for the trip, and enough money to cover expenses on this trip. God already knew about this family, and God knows I’m willing.  God provided the means and the way. The family is doing great! God took what seemed a minor attack against me and turned it into a powerful testimony of his goodness, for his glory, turning my bad situation into good. The story doesn’t end here. Another person was very grateful for me helping this family and when I dropped them off, I was handed money,placed in my palm, with a grateful amount of thanks,  the exact amount of all my expenses I had incurred to get this family to their new location. Remember if you are willing, God can and will use you!

Maturity and wisdom have taught me that I can declare this change in plans will be a good thing, for my good and not evil, I am the head and not the tail. I am a child of God.  My Daddy is in control of all the cattle on the hills and all the banks on earth and if God says it is so , it will be! I believe! God is in control. Remember, prior to flat tires, I got a gift of money, because God already knew my need before me. God also knew the need of this family that was in the near future,  What the enemy meant for bad, God used for all our  Good!

Simply put you can’t fall apart every time things don’t go as planned. Rejoice you are part of a far bigger picture than you can even imagine. Rejoice, God is working it out, be willing!

Psalms 3:3 –But you, O LORD, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.

Heavenly Father, My plans are not working out, you are in control, and I have faith you are working things out for my good. I ask you to help me stay positive with a Good Outlook and Perspective on things turning around for good. Lord will you lift my Heart, Head, Hands, Attitudes, Moods and most importantly my Hope, which is anchored in you, Jesus. You Lord ,alone, are the lifter of my soul. Thank you for helping me to rise. Amen in Jesus name.

Lifter of my Head! This Song blessed me nightly!

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