Wow! Very Grateful! 111 Followers!

Hello my wonderful Bloggers and Followers! How are you today?

I was caught off guard when I saw I had 111 followers today, like wow!! When I started this journey, I didn’t know if anyone would read my thoughts, I was tickled pink when I got my very first follower! Today I have 111, which has me in fits of giggles and happiness!!! THANK YOU FOR READING MY THOUGHTS!

Well in case you don’t know, I am a mother of one, a beautiful daughter, who is happily married, and gave me four glorious grandchildren! Her husband is my awesome sun in law, sun isn’t misspelled, because my daughter is my sunshine, I call him my “sun” in law, because he is her other half and a very good man!

I love Jesus, I am his child, totally imperfect with flaws and scars, and very grateful for my salvation.

I like being creative, love writing, cooking, re-purposing, making things …..

I love art, I took an old postcard/old frame and ribbon made this picture, I also especially  love coloring:


I love sewing, whether making hero capes, skirts or barbie cloths out of mittens:

I love to bring life back to things people throw away:


I love photography:

Most of all I Love All of You! I hope you keep reading! God Bless! Deb


16 thoughts on “Wow! Very Grateful! 111 Followers!

  1. 111, angel number! Amazing! I wish I could see your pics but we have no internet yet. Lol. We share a common interest in crafting although it seems like I never finish them! 🤦‍♀️🤣

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