Power of God’s Word

There is joy in the word of the Lord.

If we read it, ingest it and study word of God daily, it will lead us from captivity to a place where waters of living grace will flow through us continually and cause us to produce much fruit.

We will be strong and our branches and vines will be planted in good soil. That when we feed on the word of God, it is like an all-consuming fire that runs through our body filling us spiritually and when we are filled spiritually, we are able to resist the temptations of the devil and turn from those things that temp us and lead us to harm.

There is life and liberty in the word of God! I learned that there are two parts of a human body that must be filled first and foremost, we must be feed spiritually and then we must be feed physically.

Reading the word, allows things to happen even when we don’t feel it, the word is alive and when spoken does not come back void. Speak the promises of God as if they are , believe and the word will manifest!

God’s word is pure truth. Grab it and never let go. Thank you God! I love watching you work!

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