Prayer -Wednesday Night

My prayer today for each of you – God “Please forgive us this day for our sins. Place a guard over our mouths. Let our words be like Honey.

Lord help us to make our lives sweeter, with your word and guidance.  Lord please go before us and be our forward , side and rear guard. Cover our loved ones and friends spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally under thy wings.

Lord, let your pure white light shine over each of us. I plead the blood of Jesus,and I give thanks Lord for your hedge of protection on our families, friends , church and most important, the lost. 

Through the power and authority of Jesus Christ, let the Lord rebuke evil and rebuke the enemy and rebuke demonic and spiritual attacks. Let the Lord rebuke diseases, sickness, virus, cancer and autoimmune diseases, ISIS, enemies and war.

I unleash from heaven, God’s chosen army to defend us, to help, in our day of need in the very hour and presence we cry out. I unleash abundant love and acceptance, healing and victory through Jesus Christ our redeemer!

Lord let your face shine upon us, as you lead and guide us.

In Jesus name . Amen!

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