A Love Letter for my Daddy!

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I’m sitting here drinking coffee, reflecting on your anniversary being today. Mom talks about you all the time.                                                                                                                                                                             Recently Momma talked about  how she grew up on a farm, that life wasn’t easy in the beginning. Mom said as a young woman, that everyday, she sat on front porch, looking out at the fields praying for a man of adventure with a big heart. Wealth wasn’t important. Momma said she wanted to be loved unconditionally,  knowing the love of her life  would do anything to make her happy and give her those adventures.  Momma’s request for happiness were small and humble, she loved your “Florida Breakfast” you made just for her, ice cold Pepsi brought out to the garden on a hot day, you creating her designs out of woodwork with your master skills, oh she loved how you hugged her returning home after working all day, you had eyes only for her.

I answer moms  repetitive questions with love as she tries to come to terms that you are no longer here, at first she was mad you left her, then she came to understand how incredibly hard you fought, courageously to not leave her. Momma understands you are in heaven, I have explained how on the day you left, that you fought to stay, surviving your first and second heart attacks and after surgery, your heart simply stopped. I told her that I believe Jesus didn’t want you to suffer anymore and he took you home. I promised you daddy, if you went first I would look after momma and take care of her. It hasnt been easy, we all are grieving.  I hope you know I have done my best to live up to your standards and will continue to do so, as I love you both unconditionally.

Daddy, every year on November 21st you always wrote mom a beautiful love letter for her to find when she awakens on her beloved anniversary day. I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to help you out, today,with you being in heaven and all. Despite mom’s dementia, everyday she ask me what day it is, as she has remembered, all on her own, your special day is here. Momma hasn’t forgotten you. We talk about you daily, looking at photos sharing beautiful memories. I’m absolutely positive she loves you  unconditionally, you are the love of her life and she misses you.

Mom said the night she meet you and you looked in her eyes, she knew you were the man shed spend her life with, as she saw your love, love at first sight for her, knowing her prayer had been answered. Three months later you were married.

Today we celebrate as a family, “57 Beautiful years! ”

Love always your daughter Debra

PS – Momma woke up and caught me placing our love letter on the nightstand, we both had a good cry, she had me take out her box of love letters and read them to her. I am assured your words from the past, made her feel , Oh so very Loved today! Words are powerful and today your words of love comforted her and filled her heart! It was like you were here in the room with us. Daddy we love you, oh so very much! Happy Anniversary in Heaven.

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