I Love a Blue Christmas!


Christmas is fast approaching, my mom does everything traditional (red), I happen to love “Blue” Christmas. I am collecting the following ideas off the internet, for the day when I once again decorate my home in celebration of Christmas. An old planter can easily be decorated with a few bulbs and sticks picked up in yard clean up and by cutting off some yearly greenery. I love the planter project and will definitely use it in the future..


There is much that can be done with leftover bulbs that didn’t make it on the tree, a little ribbon and fishing line, the possibilities are endless. Ribbons and bulbs in a window at varying lengths are a great way to add a little more ump to your decorations, children can help with this one. Glass bulbs hung with fishing line clustered together in front of windows or hung from ceiling give great light reflections along with tree lights.One of my favorite ideas for bulbs is decorating a fireplace with greenery of choice and stockings. The next one looks elegant , yet I only recommend, if little ones cant reach, as bulbs are fragile and we don’t want them going into a child’s mouth, using a vanity glass square on a tabletop or coffee table, with bulbs and candles is just gorgeous.


I love a “Blue, Old Saint Nick” One of my favorites is Saint Nick gathering animals to protect from the cold. At first I thought it was snow lower down on the picture until I realized it was three giant polar bears. Reminded me of the “Coke” commercials, I love the bears, just not Coke a Cola, I’m die hard Pepsi fan.


Ho, Ho Ho, Its Saint Nick, straight from the North Pole, bearing gifts, candy pulling his sleigh town.


I am from the coast of North Carolina, a small beach community, and I love shells, sand dollars and anything nautical. The Christmas tree on the left is a unique idea after my own heart, because it represents coastal imagination at its best. Wish I had thought of it! The tree is made from seashells and starfishes, I think these would look great on a porch by a front door with poinsettias and old pair of nostalgic skates in remembrance of my northern cold winters when Dad was stationed up north.


Oh, what a Beautiful Blue Frosted Christmas Tree! I would hang pine combs, adding an assortment of beautiful shells, along with family memorabilia, adding a white rug wrapped around the bottom.


My table would be adorned for very special guests of dear family and close friends, as we gather to give thanks and praise, over a lovely meal of clam chowder, salad, baked sweet potatoes, prime rib cooked to perfection, served with a little wine. One tradition I love is everyone, as we go around the table, expressing what they are truly grateful for this Christmas season! Which brings me to my last favorite which is really first!


Words cannot express fully, my love for this baby born in a manger. God who came robbed as flesh, to save us all from our sins. I am grateful for the unconditional love of a savior who loved us before we were born, who died that we might live, the bible states Peter declared ” in the New Living Translation, , “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Christmas is Jesus Christ Birthday, and he gave us all the ultimate gift of unconditional love dying on the cross for our sins.

shallow focus photography of blue star christmas tree decor
Photo by Nick Collins on Pexels.com

Merry Blue Christmas to each and everyone of you, thank you for reading my blog, encouraging me and being my virtual friends, I am grateful for all of you, and look forward to reading more of your posts.

7 thoughts on “I Love a Blue Christmas!

  1. I believe you will get your “Blue Christmas,” Debbie. You hang in there and don’t you ever give up! Who knows, maybe I will even be sitting at that table with family and friends! I do love a good clam chowder! 🙌🏼 It all looks beautiful and sounds delish! I ❤️ that seashell tree!!! That is sooo you!!! 😁🤗

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