Disturbances……That Rock Our Core!

Her insides were twisting into twenty pound rocks, hands and feet were going numb, the wave was coming fast, too much negativity, abuse out of control, cries for help fell on deaf ears…..the pain unbearable, air hunger so severe she thought she was dying, palpitation that echoed a heart attack, how ….her mind couldn’t even wrap around the truth that were unfolding, why would they betray her , go to such lengths to destroy her, this wasn’t about right or wrong, or disagreements settled over glass of wine, these were dark secrets rising to the surface, and she was screaming as her worst fears unfolded in front of her, these were betrayals purposely hidden and buried deep, activated in the darkness against her knowledge…… breath , just breath, breath, you have got to survive this, drawing her breath in slow and easy , exhaling out in control focus, holding her anxiety rock, sipping water, shattered tears free falling, gut wrenching sobs erupting into screams of hell, and it was silent, no one came, no one heard the anguished desperate cry for help, she was alone, all alone.

She had to admit she couldn’t handle the disturbance and the disturbance began to spread from her, making a disturbance to others.

What would you do if your soul had a disturbance tearing you apart? Pray, yes that is a start, yet in these times, while I believe God hears all prayers, in a disturbance , we need to get God’s attention,  we need to forget, lady-like manners, or what others will say or think! We cant calmly sit by, it goes against our common sense, while all we know is being disturbed to core of our soul, the beginning of help is realizing we cant fix this disturbance, conditioned to be quiet, don’t speak unless asked, keep your thoughts to yourself, oh you know how she is…..crazy B*tch, exaggerator, never knows when to shut her mouth, if we wanted your opinion we’d ask for it dumb*ss.


Disturbances are war, famine, abuse, broken hearts, disease, faltering economy, homelessness, broken marriages, addiction, mental illness, crimes, manipulation, betrayals, false news, war on families, war on christens, loss of rights and freedom, severe weather, earthquakes, flooding, devastation……………..

We need to be absolutely persistent  with our disturbances, until we get a face to face with God, we need to yell , scream. Scream  like its half time at super bowel, or its a home run. Scream like your life depends on it.

When Jesus asks what do we want him to do about our disturbances confronting us, what will you say, will you speak meekly like a mouse or roar with the courage of a lion?

When Jesus asks us what we want him to do about the problem, roar with courage and boldness about this disturbance confronting us and you must believe when you ask knowing it is an absolute impossibility without Jesus.  Do not limit Jesus, as he works in the supernatural and will do the impossible if you ask him. Isn’t God  the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Our human nature has a tendency to limit God, speaking in negative monotones, never asking for what we truly want out of fear, It is our very own worry, that keeps us from breakthrough, scarred we aren’t loved, fear of rejection, not being worthy.

The disturbance has us going through Hell and we want to get out, don’t stop, look forward , put your focus on Jesus and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! That is not an option.

If you stop while going through hell, its over, you need to pray, push, shout, scream, claw your way out!

God works in the supernatural, not in our human common sense theories.

We need the boldness and courage of a lion, we need to press forward! We need to let our fears go and just ask for the help by surrendering all the disturbance to God, by giving it all to God!

Be persistent with your prayer, get on floor , face down and pound your fists, roll over and scream, play loud worship music, dancing  in spirit, wave your hands, jump up and down. Loudly proclaim scripture, don’t worry if others call you crazy, its not them that you need, it’s Jesus! A Mighty move of God!

And there will be those who will ask, ” well why wouldn’t my calm reserved prayer be heard?” I’m not saying it wouldn’t be heard, I’m saying we are asking for the impossible, If its not impossible its not a true disturbance.

Luke 18:39 – An example is the man in Luke who was blind from birth, crying out loudly and insistently as Jesus passed him by shouting and yelling, persistent in being heard, he desperately wants his healing, yet his healing is an impossibility on his own, yet when he surrenders it all to God, people are rebuking him and telling him to shut up, the blind man does not give up or give into what others are saying and insistently yells as Jesus passes by, “Jesus , son of David, have Mercy on me! Jesus pauses and  ask” What do you want of me? The blind man says “to be healed!” What motivates  his irrepressible clamor for healing? FAITH! He ask Son of David, to have mercy and is expecting a miracle through faith that God will heal him. The blind man is energizing and vocalizing his faith,  thus Jesus question pinpoints exactly what the blind man needs. The blind man wont take “no” for an answer, he goes ballistic, in his cry for his healing, praising God and glorifying him. Jesus instantly heals him!

“Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.” (18:43)

Clearly the blind beggar was going through hell, when all was against him, he pressed forward, having faith that God would give him a miracle and spoke it as if it were so, energizing and vocalizing his very deep need, this disturbance that he couldn’t fix himself.

The young woman in the beginning of my post who thinks she is all alone, she has faith, she prays , sadly she doesn’t believe she is worthy to get the miracle, succumbing to all the deceit and lies around her, shaking her to her core, her disturbance going out, luckily God has a back up plan, when her faith and prayers reach him, Jesus asks the woman “What do you want?” the question gives her clarity, understanding, Jesus is letting her know she is worthy to receive the miracle, why else would he ask the question?

Praise God! You cant see me, but I’m running the aisles glorifying God!!!!!!!!



12 thoughts on “Disturbances……That Rock Our Core!

    1. I am blessed and humbled you visited my blog! I am very happy you were encouraged and I give God all the glory! It took me a long time to learn the lessons in this article, yet now I roar and so will you!🌷💞💯🤩

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  1. Oh, my dear sister, what a BEAUTIFUL post!! And you would have no idea of how this lines up perfectly… and I do mean, PERFECTLY… with today’s church services! BUT GOD! I walked into the House tonight with one thing and one thing only on my mind… entering His gates with praise! Today was the start of our three-day revival and I was determined if God moved… I wasn’t going to miss it!! Just like this blind man, I cried out for the one thing I want most, and asked Him to move ME aside, or change me in any way He sees fit to do it. And after much shouting, praising, singing, crying, and walking the floor, I got a sense of peace. Not the very straight-forward answer I wanted but you know what? I’m going BACK to the House tomorrow night… and the night after that… and I WILL be that lion you speak of! Wow! This is like a continuation of Revival, Sis, Glory to God! Thank you ❤

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    1. Stacy, I cried reading your comment was blessed by your words, you grabbed your courage and boldness, you roared girlfriend!🤲🏼I love hearing confirmations. I also thank God for giving me these words which I pray continue to bless many others. For God’s Glory!

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  2. This is an EXTREMELY powerful post! I could feel the love you have for God and the desire for others to feel your passion. “sadly she doesn’t believe she is worthy to get the miracle, succumbing to all the deceit and lies around her, shaking her to her core,”…those words hit me hard, thank you for giving me something to think about. 🙂

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    1. Giving all glory to God, We are all worthy to receive God’s favor, and miracle, that’s why Jesus asked the question, he was letting blind man know he is worthy, so is my character , just as you are worthy!!❤️💯🤗

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  3. Wow!!!! This touched me, Debbie! To my core! A lot of what you said permeated within me, but something in particular snagged my attention: “It is our very own worry, that keeps us from breakthrough.” That is it in a nut-shell. That’s why the enemy tried to invade our mind with all the worry, stress and anxiety! A lot of times, I am the one praying, I believe, Lord help thou my unbelief! This post had me in tears by the end! But oh how powerful it was! And so true, that if we ever make the mistake of stopping in the middle of the hell, we are in trouble! We won’t stop! I am running those aisles with you!! Do you see me? 💃🏼💯🙌🏼💜💜💜💜

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      1. Yes!! Glory to God!!!!
        I wish I knew why some of your comments aren’t showing in my notifications?! It makes me sad. 😢 I’m glad I came by this post and read again and saw you had commented! I love you my friend! Hugs 🤗

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